Your Favourite FamilyMart Matcha & Cheesecake Sofuto Now Comes In Pint Size

This is genius

When we hear FamilyMart, somehow we get all giddy inside. In a good way, of course. It’s like we’re just more inclined to get everything that’s available at FamilyMart, right? Another thing we can all agree on is that FamilyMart‘s Sofuto is one of the best releases ever. We mean how can you say no to smooth softserve with a variety of flavours?

Introducing Pint-Sized FamilyMart Sofuto

FamilyMart Pint Sized Sofuto

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

FamilyMart Pint Sized Sofuto

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook) at FamilyMart has been Malaysians’ go-to ice cream option. They have classic flavours like Matcha and several unique ones like Seasalt Sofuto, French Creme Brulee Sofuto and the list goes on.

Photo: @familymartmy (Facebook)

Their latest Cheesecake Sofuto, is the return of an iconic flavour. Instead of re-releasing it, FamilyMart took things up a notch by introducing it sandwiched in between Melon Pan.

FamilyMart Cheesecake SofutoPhoto: @familymartmy (Instagram)

If you have been thinking of ways you can sit down at home, relax and enjoy FamilyMart Sofuto, you can. Because they have just released Sofuto in pints. And honestly, this is the best news ever if you’re crazy over their Sofuto.

FamilyMart Pint Sized Sofuto

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

Pint-sized Sofuto is only available in 2 flavours, Matcha and Cheesecake. Each pint is priced from RM7.90 and is based on the availability of flavours in store.

FamilyMart Pint Sized Sofuto

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

Getting Them Both

So tell us, which one will you be getting first? If you can’t make up your mind, we say get both because no ice cream is ever too much.

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