Yugo House Publika is Where You Can Get Nasi Lemak Sushi Roll

It's a Feast!

We bet most foodies here (especially locals) are familiar with the nasi lemak hype not long ago. While the trend has moved on, still, there’s no denial nasi lemak is our national dish. So, when we stumbled upon Yugo House in Publika and found nasi lemak sushi, we knew we have to give this place a thorough review. Hop on the foodventure train as we go for another exploration.


About Yugo House Publika:

Set in a suburb, Publika, where restaurants and cafes fill up the spaces and lot, Yugo House caught our attention with its casual, Japanese-themed ambiance. When asked about the place, we were told that they are an Asian fusion restaurant. They are, indeed, a Japanese restaurant serving a range of dishes suited to local taste buds. While flipping through the menu, we noticed quite a few interesting dishes that are uncommon in any other Japanese restaurants.

As for seating, one can choose either outdoor or indoor, though we would highly recommend indoor during the day. Private rooms are available upon reservation if you’re coming in a large group.

Putting Our Taste Buds to Test:

Starting off with appetizers, we had Unatama (RM20). It’s basically like tamago (egg roll) stuffed with unagi (eel). The texture was quite dense, but were still able to feel the layers of tamago. Unagi was fresh, paired with the light sweet soy drizzled over the unatama. Overall, it was a good start as the sweet-salty flavor was quite appetizing.



The moment we all have been waiting for, the Nasi Lemak Maki (RM12). The presentation was surprisingly cute, with a quarter of hard-boiled egg sitting on top of the sushi roll. Judging by the appearance (hard-boiled egg, cucumber, sambal paste), one can pretty much tell what it is. The trick is to finish one within a bite for full flavor profile. The flavor is definitely there, especially their sambal, and cucumber added a crisp texture. Though we wished there was something more to the rice, like fillings in between.



We couldn’t resist getting Unagi Double Cheesy Maki (RM42), price is on the higher side, but anything for cheese. The maki roll was served warm, and each sushi comes with a thick slice of unagi, with melted cheese on top. The flavor was so savory, it’s a combination of salty-sweet, with a cheesy hint.



Moving on to mains, we ordered Curry Chicken (RM15) and Beef Rendang (RM28), both are served with onigiri. The concept was pretty interesting given onigiri is served instead of a bowl of rice. That way, diners can sort of play around and do some DIY. Both curries were delightful, but we preferred the latter, which has a thicker consistency and stronger flavor profile. Curry Chicken was more of a local flavor instead of Japanese curry.

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Full, but Not Quite Done at Yugo House Publika:

You know what’s the best part besides testing out food? Ordering. We have to admit we got carried away with while ordering. Well, since we’re doing a review, price tags are very much not a concern (editor getting fired real soon).

Ika Cream with Bun (RM25) was yet another dish with an interesting concept, perfect for sharing. Ika is a type of cuttlefish, and in this particular dish, they’re cooked in cream sauce to pair with fried mantao (bun). Cream sauce was not too heavy, together with cuttlefish, they were cooked into the right consistency.


We got ourselves two more mains from the 1+1 Promotion section. Chicken Teriyaki set is paired along salmon sashimi, which was thick and fresh. Salmon Sashimi set, on the other hand, is paired with mentai sushi. Both sets come with a side of rice, miso soup and chawanmushi. We must say their promotion is very value for money.


We almost forgot about the two soups we had, which were Pumpkin Ikura Cream Cheese Soup & Garlic Butter Toast (RM16) and Cabbage Wrapped Chicken Breast Clear Soup (RM16). The first was a winner as we absolutely love the thick, crisp garlic butter toast. And when paired with the soup, which is a pumpkin cheese puree with salmon roe, we felt like we were having a French dip dish, truly appetizing. The latter, was a tad lackluster. While the flavor is there, they might have to up the presentation.

*ALERT* To wrap things up, we’re sharing a promotion with you. Spend a minimum of RM30 at Yugo House Publika and you’re entitled to choose any selected dish for only RM2! Remember the Nasi Lemak Maki we had? It’s in the promo as well, valid through the whole September.

Verdict of Yugo House Publika:

We had an enjoyable experience here as most of the dishes have a unique concept. They truly know how to enhance customer’s dining experience through experimentation of flavors. While the portion is a little small, quality that Yugo House Publika is definitely there. If you’re craving for Japanese food with a twist, try out this place.

Yugo House Publika

Address: A2-UG1-9 Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas, Jalan Solaris, Publika, 50480 Hartamas Heights, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hour: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., 5:30-11 p.m. (Sat&Sun) 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Contact: 03-6206 5526
More Info:

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