NEW ZUS Coffee Cheese Crème Series Will Leave You Craving For More After Each Sip

We know that Malaysians LOVE to add cheese in everything! From fried chicken to nasi lemak and even desserts, we live for that extra savoury cheesy goodness. So when we saw that ZUS Coffee has rolled out their brand new Cheese Crème series, we knew we had to try them all!


Spotted NEW Cheese Crème Series At ZUS Coffee!

You don’t have to be a cheese lover to fall in love with ZUS Coffee’s new Cheese Crème beverages. They’ve rolled out four different drinks in conjunction with their 4th Anniversary this year, just so you can find your favourite drink in the series! Read on to see which one of your cups of “tea”.

Iced Cheese Crème Latté

First up, we have the Iced Cheese Crème Latté made for absolute cheese lovers! Sip on a delightful mix of creamy milk with decadent cheesy goodness. You get both a savoury and sweet experience in a single cup. Also, the best way to enjoy it is to have that cheesy moustache to go with!

Hot Cheese Crème Latté

Of course, you can also get their signature Cheese Crème Latté in a hot version –  perfect for cold rainy seasons in Malaysia, just like what we’re experiencing now. You get to enjoy a similarly delicious savoury and sweet flavour profile. 

Cheese Crème Strawberry Frappé


Rejoice, berry lovers! Think you’ve seen this viral pinkish-red strawberry loaded drink online? Yes you saw that right – it’s ZUS Coffee Cheese Crème Strawberry Frappé! Enjoy a playful blend of rich strawberry and silky smooth milk that has been the talk of the town. A freezy refreshing drink that can also be enjoyed as an after-meal dessert.

Iced Cheese Crème Caramel Matcha

Next up, ZUS Matcha lovers would love this drink! A cheesy twist on their classic but with a touch of salted caramel. Extra creamy, extra delicious – now this is pure tea bliss!


Prepare To Get Cheesy With ZUS Coffee Cheese Crème Series Today

What are you waiting for? Head on over to ZUS Coffee to try all four drinks today! Whether you’re a cheese, coffee or dessert lover, you’re bound to have a blast sipping on their Cheese Crème series.

You can also order and purchase via their mobile app to get creme-d today!

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