19 Ramadan Bazaar Locations Across Petaling Jaya 2019!

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With Ramadan now underway yet again, Muslims across the entirety of Malaysia operate on nothing but discipline and determination for the whole day. However, the joy of eating good food isn’t restricted to believers only. Every year, the city council of some districts in states across Malaysia organise Ramadan bazaars along streets after dusk for the enjoyment of anyone and everyone. Tents would line entire roads, a collection of up to 250 different stalls hosting thousands of bazaar-goers. An event of such mind-blowing scale is not to be taken lightly, and hence we’ve procured an article of 19 Ramadan Bazaar Locations Across Petaling Jaya in 2019!


List Of Ramadan Bazaar Locations & Number Of Lots Across PJ

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With the largest bazaar by number of stalls this year, SS6/1 in Kelana Jaya stands proud with 250 lots. None other come close. The second largest bazaar by the number of stalls this year hosting 166 stalls is at Vista Business Centre in Damansara Damai. Still, not at all a number to laugh at. Two more bazaars are at the 100’s and above, namely Tapak Pasar Malam in PJS 2D (Taman Medan) and Seksyen 4 in Kota Damansara. These 5 bazaar locations make the bulk of the 1159 bazaar stalls with 644 stalls between themselves.

It would be a huge miss of opportunity to attend some of these Ramadan bazaars. We expect many to hold national treasures such as ayam percik, murtabak, nasi kerabu, and so much more!

A Little Insight On MBPJ’s Original Masterplan

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This was the original number of stalls that MBPJ had planned for each of the Ramadan bazaar locations. However, according to the Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohd Sayuthi Bakar, Ramadan bazaar lots appear to be less in demand this year. Even places that would otherwise usually be popular, such as Taman Medan, were not fully occupied. Even after the extension of the application period for the bazaar stalls, many struggle to even come close to filling up their bazaar lots.

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Any Highlights To Share With Us?

With the availability of over a thousand different stalls this Ramadan in PJ alone, there are sure to be some favourites coming back! Tell us what yours are in the comments. Share any hidden gems you may find along the way! Like to let us know you enjoy our content as much as we love making them for you =D

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