Get 2 Beverages At Tealive For Only RM10 From 6th to 22nd March 2020


  • Tealive Malaysia is offering 2 beverages for only RM10
  • It’s only limited to 800,000 cups
  • Available from 6th to 22nd March 2020.

On a busy day, there are times where we start to crave for something sweet to refresh our minds. Be it a simple cookie or a sweet ice cream. But this time around, we’ve got a piece of good news to offer for those who want to seek something sweet yet at an affordable price. Ready? Get 2 beverages Tealive Malaysia for only RM10 deal starting from 6th to 22nd March!

Get 2 Beverages At Tealive For Only RM10

Photo: Tealive Asia (Facebook)

Tealive is one of those places we always go back for chewy bubble tea at an affordable price. With a wide variety of choices like their signature milk tea, crafted tea, fruit tea series and more, running out of things to order is never a worry.

This time around, Tealive is offering something great to everyone. In celebration of the opening of their 500th outlet, you can now get 2 beverages at Tealive for only RM10! Furthermore, you get to choose from any series or drinks! As long as the original price of both drinks is worth RM6.60, you’re good to go.

Mark Your Calendar From 6th to 22nd March To Enjoy!

Photo: @tealive_raub (Instagram)

Aside from the good news from Tealive, this exciting deal will only be lasting from 6th to 22nd March 2020. However, here’s a spill: it’s only limited to 800,000 cups only so hurry to get in line before it runs out! With the terms limited to one set person, remember to grab more friends and family to go with you to enjoy the deal together!

Address: All Tealive Malaysia outlets (Except Tealive Cold Storage and KLCC)

Date: 6th to 22nd March 2020

Links: Facebook | Instagram

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