More Than 3000 Retired Nurses And MAs Are Making A Comeback To Join The Frontliners

It's official, this is war!


  • 3000 Retired nurses volunteered to join fighting Covid-19.
  • The ministry had originally only planned to recruit 2000 skilled medical experts.
  • Nurses in training will also be deployed to hospitals and clinics.

Usually when we talk about retiring, one would only think of self-pleasure. Spending our last moments with our family and probably even cultivate a new hobby before, you know, kicking the bucket. However, when these determined oldies decided that they are willing to put others before themselves, the whole nation is ready to put them on a pedestal. We are talking about movie-worthy sentiments right here.

retired nurse
Photo: @lady_chantek (Twitter)

Decades Worth Of Pure Experiences And Skills

Only two days after The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that they needed more manpower, over 3000 retired nurses marched their way into the field and sign up for the cause. These folks come from various backgrounds and expertise. Thus the Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah assured that the ministry will try to deploy them accordingly.

retired nurse
Photo: @bernama (Facebook)

Originally, the ministry had only targetted for 2000 skilled healthcare professionals. The plan was to recall retired doctors and nurses and support our current frontliners in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak. The results, however, are giving dazzling new hopes. Even nurses in training are relocated to hospitals and clinics to lend a hand.

The Pensioners Are Prepared To Put Their Life On The Line

Retired nurse
Photo: @rizalhakimm (Facebook)

A 68-year-old retired nurse, Biby Maideen, said in an interview that, “Death will happen to anyone when the time comes.” Hence, by using her decades of skills and remaining strength left, this is how she contributes to the country. These wise words will definitely ring in our hearts. Beautiful souls shine brighter when the day gets darker after all.

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