5-Star Hotel Chef Takes His Skills To The Streets After Getting CMCO Suspension Notice


How are you doing friends? For once Malaysians are facing a common enemy. Covid-19 struck us when we had least expected and the trouble continues to escalate from there. However, it comes with a great lesson as well. Without realizing, the pandemic had not only brought us great disaster but it has also rekindled our long lost unity and fighting spirit.

5-Star Hotel Chef Takes His Skills To The Streets

5-star chef open street stall
Photo: @ChefAbangAjie

No one in their right mind would want to lose a good job but 2020 proved to us that life will always work like a spinning wheel. This well-known chef, who wants to be recognized as Chef Abang Ujie, had been working under a stable career as a 5-star hotel chef for 26 years. However, due to the current CMCO, his career was suspended until further notice. (Which could even take forever!)

5-star chef open street stall
Photo: @HuwaidaNadz (Twitter)

At first, Chef Abang Ujie decided to work under a delivery company and hang his apron for good. But his wife had a different idea. She gave him a little push and told him to give his skills another chance. So they opened a street stall instead!

It’s Like The First Time All over Again

“I have experience serving food for 26 years. But when the first customer arrived at the stall, I frenzied like I’ve never worked before,” he said in an interview. Clearly reminding us that everyday is a fresh start. “We should never feel ashamed when gaining new experience. Remember that we should only give our best when surviving a crisis.” the chef continued.

Everything Is RM10 And Below!

5-star chef open street stall
Photo: @DapoorCikDa (Instagram)

Now you can taste cuisines prepared by a 5-star chef under only RM10! Dapoor Cik Da Stall lets you choose between 3 kinds of noodles: mee kuning, kuew teow or bihun, to be paired with curry or soup broth. Each broth comes with its own unique and mountainful toppings that cost only RM5.50 per bowl. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you can also check out their RM1 fried chicken, spicy korean fried chicken and cheesy spicy fried chicken that you can get from a range of RM5 – RM10.

 5-star chef open street stall
Photo: @HuwaidaNadz (Twitter)

Supporting Each Other

If you want to give them a try, you can easily hunt them down around Petronas Bandar Damai Perdana. In recent future Dapoor Cik Da will be available in GrabFood as well so make sure to support them whenever you can okay?

Address: Jalan Damai Perdana 5/1c, Bandar Damai Perdana, 56000 Malaysia, Cheras, Selangor

Operation Hours: 3 PM – 10 PM (Thurday – Friday)

Contact: +60 19-342 1489

Link(s): Instagram

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