8 Easy One-Pot/Pan Recipe To Cook While Staying In

Simple and Delicious!

Hey foodies, how are you? It’s Day 7, we know some of you are itching to go out, but hang in there as we’re half way through. There are a lot of things that we could do apart from WFH and sleep, like cooking. We know how annoying it is to wash all the dishes after cooking, so here’s some one-pot/pan recipe that we’ve found online. Editor personally loved and have tried some of these, have fun drooling and perhaps, cook!


8 Easy One-Pot/Pan Recipes to Cook While Staying in:


#1 One-Pot Mac and Cheese

While Frankie can get philosophical, his recipes are great, and he’s quite entertaining. This mac and cheese recipe is so easy and delicious you might not want to go back to the traditional one. Tips: Substitute chicken stock with vegetable stock for a lighter flavor. You can also add in any kind of meat that you love for that extra kick. Swap fontina cheese with parmesan, and walla, a heavenly good mac and cheese. PS: Not recommended to consume every day for health purposes.

#2 Kimchi Fried Rice

This isn’t new, but don’t we just love some good, tangy, warm bowl of kimchi fried rice? Frankly speaking, they’re super easy to make, even for beginners. Ingredients are easy to reach out, plus you can customize yours by adding seaweed strips, cheese and other proteins. PS: Garlic and onion will be your best friend for this.

#3 One Pot Chicken Meal & #4 Sheet Pan Salmon

Forget about instant noodles, these weekend meals are great for non-weekend as well. Easy to cook with ingredients and spices that are substitute-able, your family would be impressed. Editor loved how the sheet pan salmon turned out, even without parsley and dijon mustard.

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#5 One Pot Chicken and Mushroom Rice

This is yet another rice recipe, because, we Asian. This one-pot recipe is basically a twist to the traditional chicken rice, and the ingredients are easy to find. A warm, hearty meal ain’t that difficult after all. You’ll definitely be surprised on how fragrant and fluffy the rice is.

#6 One Pan Garlic Shrimp Pasta


While pastas are one of the easiest recipes to make, sometimes those tiny steps with use of multiple pots and pans might get frustrating. Lucky for you, we found a fairly delicious yet simple one-pan pasta recipe. Think aglio olio and vongole had a baby, a shrimp baby. PS: Turn on the caption.

#7 Lazy Rice Cooker Meal

There are days where you just don’t know what else to cook, especially at times like this. This easy one pot recipe allows anyone to just dump all the ingredients into the rice cooker, and a comfort meal would be done within 30minutes. The video is in Chinese, but we’re more than happy to translate.



Dice one carrot, some mushrooms and shallots/onion into cubes. Slice one Chinese sausage (or your preferred meat, though we recommend beef or smoked duck for flavor) and a cup of green beans (optional). Heat up the electric rice cooker and coat the pot with some oil. Sauté the vegetables until translucent or until the mushrooms release its flavor. Add in the protein and green beans, and season with some salt. Add in your desired amount of rice and sauté a bit before covering up the ingredients with water, and let it cook as how you would with rice. Serve it up and enjoy.

#8 Creamy Mushroom Soup

Forget about those canned mushroom soup with little to no nutritional value, make from scratch with this one-pot recipe. Not only ingredients are inexpensive, one pot serves up to 4 servings. TIPS: If you don’t have a blender, let the soup simmer in low heat for an extra few minutes to create a thicker consistency.

Do you guys feel like chefs now after watching all those recipes? Time to re-create and get cooking! Don’t forget to show and tag us your recipe and comment what kind of recipe would you like to see next. Stay at home, stay safe, and take care. Buh bye!

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