Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Rolls Out NEW Flower Shaped Berry Donuts With Berry Delicious Fillings

Donut stop me from getting this!

Soft and fluffy, sweet and delightful~ Admit it, we are all weak for the colourful variety of donuts at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. This time, we spotted two NEW berry flavours with cute flower shaped buns added to their shelf and we couldn’t just walk away without trying! 


Indulge In NEW Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Berry Donuts 

big apple donuts

Cutely crafted into flower-inspired shapes, the new berry series comes with two different glazes and both topped with freeze dried strawberries. 

Mister Berry

big apple donuts

If you have always loved the Choco flavoured donuts at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, the Chocolate glazed Mister Berry is here to impress. Mister Berry is filled with strawberry fresh cream inside which brings balance to the sweetness you are getting. The freeze dried strawberries on top adds some texture for fun bites too!

Miss Berry

The other option, Miss Berry is looking good too! Miss Berry is glazed with white chocolate and topped with freeze dried strawberries as well. What you will love is the fruity strawberry filling inside, bringing a thick berry-good flavours to our taste buds. 

Pair Your Donuts With Sweet Beverages

We are pairing these donuts with the beverage there too to complete this sweet guilty pleasure!


Go Get Your Berry Donuts Now!

Donut wait and head to the nearest Big Apple Donuts & Coffee to try these pretty flower donuts now! Check here for the Full List of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets.


Enjoy, foodies~

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