McDonald’s BTS Meal Nugget That Looked Like ‘Among Us’ Sold For RM410,000 On eBay



  • A piece of McDonald’s chicken nugget from the newly-released BTS Meal shaped like an “Among Us” character was sold for RM410,000 on eBay.
  • Check out the original listing for the nugget on eBay here.

‘Among Us’ Shaped Nugget From McDonald’s BTS Meal Sells For RM410,000 on eBay

Photo: eBay (Website)

It’s 2021 and a McDonald’s chicken nugget can cost up to RM410,000. But of course, it’s no ordinary chicken nugget. This nugget specifically looks like an “Among Us” character. And, let us all also acknowledge the fact that someone was willing to buy it! This chicken nugget was put on bidding on eBay and the winning bid came up to US $99,997.00, which is equivalent to about RM410,000. Goodness!

Photo: eBay (Website)

Featured On ‘Among Us’ Twitter Account

Photo: Among Us (Twitter)

Furthermore, this famous nugget also caught the attention of the ‘Among Us’ Twitter account. At the time of the tweet, the nugget’s bidding value was US $34,443.43 (RM142,000+). It is crazy to think that it went all the way up to RM410,000!

Source: Forbes

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