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Burger King Launches New Seoul Pedas Korean Burger That’s Perfect For Spicy Food Lovers

We Want This Now!

Hello, foodies! We can all agree that on cheat days, we indulge in burgers! There’s just something super guilty and satisfying about having a burger. Well, if your cheat day is near then you’re in luck because Burger King is launching their new Seoul Pedas Korean burger and it looks so good!

Burger King Launches New Seoul Pedas Korean Burger

You could leave it to the gym to have a good workout but this new burger will surely leave you sweating a bucket too! The new Seoul Spicy burger comes with crispy fried chicken or flame-grilled beef patty, fresh lettuce, chicken slice or beef bacon and American cheese. Sandwiched between spicy chilli buns and covered in Korean Ramyeon sauce and mayonnaise – this burger definitely comes with a distinct and flavourful kick of heat!

Perfect For Spicy Food Lovers

Burger King’s new Seoul Spicy burgers comes in two (2) options;

  • Seoul Pedas Double Beef
  • Seoul Pedas Tendercrisp™ Chicken

The Cheesiest Comeback

We have more good news for Burger King fans! Their delicious Mozzarella Cheese Sticks is making a comeback for a limited time only! For those of you who love eating cheese, this is your chance to try this deliciously cheesy snack that surely won’t disappoint!

Here’s How You Can Win A New iPhone 12 From Burger King

As easy as enjoying a good Burger King meal, you can stand a chance to win a new Purple iPhone 12 when you buy one (1) Upsized Seoul Pedas set meal. This contest will run from 19th May until 22nd June 2021. For the next five (5) weeks, one (1) lucky winner will be selected each week to bring home the new Purple iPhone 12!

Seoul Pedas, Seoul Good For You

Are you ready to enjoy a deliciously spicy Korean burger from Burger King? We bet you are! Plus, you might even stand a chance to win a new Purple iPhone 12! Wait no further, tag your makan buddies in the comment section below and happy eating!

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