Here’s A Cheesy Sausage Corndog Recipe You Can Easily Make For Snacking At Home

It's Corny Food You'd Like

Staying home now is more crucial than ever. But what about your cravings for all your favourite food? Fret not, foodies! Today we are letting you in on this incredibly easy recipe for some corndogs filled with cheesy goodness.


Make Corndogs From Scratch With This Easy Recipe

Nothing beats biting into the crunchy golden brown exterior and be welcomed to a heavenly combo of cheese and sausage in a single bite. Pairing it with mustard and ketchup simply elevates it even more. Here’s how you can make your favourite snack from scratch at home!


  • Sausage (cut into half)
  • Mozzarella cheese (sliced & elongated)
  • Satay sticks
  • Bread (flattened)
  • Bestari Flour Original / Spicy
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Oil for deep-frying

Step 1: Place sausage and mozzarella cheese into satay stick

Step 2: Wrap flattened bread tightly around the sausage-cheese stick. *Note: If the bread doesn’t wrap tightly, you can use the Bestari flour mixed with water to seal the bread together

Step 3: Mix Bestari flour with water. Place it in a cup so it is easier to dip it.

Step 4: Cover it evenly in breadcrumbs.


Step 5: Deep fry till golden brown.


Snack On Some Homemade Corndogs Today

There you have it – just 5 easy steps to make yourself and your family some cheesy corndogs. Best of all – you can customise it however you like, with just mozzarella cheese or sausage in a stick. Have you tried this recipe before? Let us know in the comments!

Source: rozana ek

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