This Delivery Rider With Tons Of Panda Plushies Attached On His Uniform Is Making Heads Turn

How Adorable!

Delivery riders are a common sight in most cities now. Especially after the MCO taking place in March, most of us saw a whole new importance to food delivery services. With hundreds of delivery riders on the road, there’s really a slim chance of differentiating them. Well, it’s not the case with this delivery man in Johor as he easily stands out from the rest with his ‘costume’.


Foodpanda Abang Delivery Has 18 Plushies On Him As He Makes His Rounds

Based on his getup, you already know which delivery service he’s from. With at most 18 adorable panda plushies are stuck on him, the abang delivery certainly made heads turned as he made his deliveries in Muar, Johor. It’s even cuter when you notice he strategically places them as if they’re crawling onto him. Now, this is how you stand out from the crowd!

Photo: @Sab128Z (Twitter)
Photo: @fifieys_ (Twitter)

A Twitter post capturing ‘Encik Panda’ in action that went live a few days ago has since gone viral. Many netizens has chimed in on how cute his outfit and is encouraging him on his passion for his job. Some also attached their own photos of their own sightings of ‘Encik Panda’ at their neighbourhood eateries in Muar.

According to a recent interview, the delivery rider, whose real name is Akhmal Abdul Rashid, has been working as a rider for 8 to 9 months. He started donning the panda costumes two months after and it has been his uniform ever since. Levelling up from his usual job commitment, this definitely puts a smile on all his customer’s faces! Besides that, Akhmal also ensures each plushie is washed properly and dried before wearing it again.

Photo: @encikroypanda (Instagram)

Have You Spotted Any Unique Delivery Riders In Your Neighbourhood?

No doubt, it’s always great to see someone pour in so much passion in their job. Especially with raining season upon us, the job definitely gets tougher these days. Kudos to all delivery riders out there! We should be extra thankful and grateful the next time we order from any delivery services.

Featured image: @fifieys_ (Twitter) | @safudindin (Twitter)

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