Disabled M’sian Becomes GrabFood Rider In Modified Bike After Being Rejected Multiple Jobs

Hi, friends! As we’re closing in on yet another chapter soon, it’s without a doubt that this year has been tough on many people. But also this year has proved to us that we can come back stronger than ever. Either it’s finding new passion after losing your job or supporting yourself on your own means, we salute every single one who has fought and is still fighting on. Today, we’re bringing yet another case of a true fighter, in the form of a GrabFood driver.

Disabled Malaysian Becomes GrabFood Rider To Serve The Nation On The Frontline

Photo: AFP

If you’re ever around the Gombak, KL area, you may have seen Muhammad Sidek Osman in his modified four-wheeled motorcycle during traffic hours. The 21-year-old diminutive Malaysian born with birth complications has him growing shorter than average at just 108cm. This means daily tasks such as climbing the stairs can be a challenge for him.

Photo: AFP

According to AFP, Sidek is a totally different man while he’s on his motorcycle whizzing through traffic as he carries out his duty on the frontline during the global pandemic. As you’ve guessed it, it definitely has not been easy for Sidek to find a full-time job as employers repeatedly reject him due to his disabilities. Hence, it has left him with little to no option as to become a self-employed rider for GrabFood. Meanwhile, he does enjoy his job as “you get to interact with other riders and customers”.

Photo: AFP

Riders with disabilities are a rare sight not only in Malaysia but in the whole Southeast Asian region. But no doubt, life in general is not easy for the disabled community with limiting infrastructure – like wheelchair access, to help them.

Photo: AFP

After finishing school, employers rejected Sidek for what he described as “normal” jobs – without giving further details – forcing him to take on piecemeal work. During one interview, “they asked for someone tall”, he recalled. “They asked me ‘can you really work here?” Still, Sidek is not one to dwell on the past and is happy to have a steady income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo: AFP

Sidek started working as a delivery rider soon after the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed back in mid-March. “During these times, if you can work, just do whatever is available,” he said, adding that he earns up to RM100 a day from deliveries. He also mentioned that, “During this lockdown, we riders are frontliners because we take care of people by delivering food so that Covid-19 cases won’t rise.”

Some Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Kudos to Sidek for his undying spirit to fight on no matter what is thrown at him. As fellow Malaysians, we should continue supporting each other however we can. Either it’s supporting local businesses or even a simple word of encouragement is enough to make someone’s day.

Story adapted from AFP

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