Fast-Food Chain Ex-Worker Warns We Shouldn’t Pour Fries On Tray (Here’s Why)

Hello, everyone! We have some foodie news to you. In the bustling environment that we live in, most of us just want a quick meal to fulfill our hungry belly. That’s why fast-food chains have become the first on the list when we are in the rush. Either you go with your friends or family, sharing our fries on the tray is like an automatic thing we would do. But now an ex-staff who worked for a fast-food restaurant says perhaps that’s not the right place to put your fries.


Fast-Food Chain Ex-Worker Warns We Shouldn’t Pour Fries On Tray

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Photo: @ljz2344 (Instagram)

This ex-worker shared his experience on his Twitter account that he used to work for a fast-food outlet and that the trays we use may not be as clean as we thought it would be. He continued to explain that it’s not that the staff don’t clean the trays but the trays are simply not meant for direct contact with the food.

Other ex-workers also rushed to comment that they wash their trays thoroughly at the end of the day. But when serving between customers, they will only wipe the trays with sanitisers and then line them with paper.

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Photo: @ljz2344 (Instagram)

While some of us might think it’ll still be fine because there’s a paper on the tray. A staff member explained that though the paper is clean, the ink printed on the paper is not food-safe. So when we pour our fries on them, the ink will most probably transfer on our food too.

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Although the workers from fast-food restaurants try their best to keep our food hygienic, they insist that it’s just safer and better not to pour our fries on the tray. So what’s the best way to devour those delicious fries? Well, the best way is undoubtedly the most simple way and that’s to eat them directly from the packet.

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