Here’s How The 2022 Formula 1 Cars Will Make Racing More Exciting

Nip, tuck and 18-inch tyres

Formula 1 has seen new fans in Malaysia since the retirement of the annual Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang in 2017, through Netflix’s Drive to Survive docuseries. Formula 1 reviews its technical specifications every 3 years to promote overtaking in races, enhanced safety features, fuel efficiency among others. The new car was slated to make its entrance in 2021, however, due to Covid-19 challenges, was pushed back a year later.

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Formula 1

More Verstappen vs Hamilton duels to come in Formula 1

The cars will now sport massive 18-inch “low-profile” Pirelli tyres aimed at reducing the amount the tyres overheat when it slides which is pivotal during overtaking maneuvers. Lewis Hamilton had recently tested the 2022 Mercedes prototype and will have a keen eye on the development of the car as he looks to mount a challenge to Max Verstappen and Red Bull, who seem to have broken Mercedes’ 7 year winning streak, 6 of which were with Hamilton.

Formula 1 Hamilton
Formula 1
Formula 1

On top of that, other changes include a redesigned front nose and front wing that aims to improve the downforce generated on the car which is crucial in allowing the cars to race at breakneck speeds of over 350km/h without rolling over and potentially threatening the driver. Other changes sees the new “rolled tips” for the rear wings which was designed to heave “dirty air” upwards, as opposed to directly towards the oncoming driver as seen with the current car.

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Formula 1
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Formula 1

In recent years, Formula 1 has refocused its regulations on producing racing that is competitive while employing efficient systems and placing driver safety always at the fore. In 2015, Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi died during competitive racing in the Japanese Grand Prix, resulting in the FIA to mandate the implementation of the “Halo” and the “Virtual Safety Car” in following seasons.

Formula 1

Besides that, F1 world also suffered a scare when driver Romain Grosjean ploughed through the barrier in the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix, effectively splitting his car in two while being engulfed in flames. Fortunately, Grosjean was able to walk out of the car after several minutes and did not suffer any life threatening injuries.

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