From Australian Brunch to Beautiful Coffee Art, Ditch Morning Blues at Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees

Nothing a Cuppa Can't Fix

Let’s be honest, most of us here are not a morning person, but we can’t afford to lose our job(s). Breakfast is a luxury, especially to those who can’t do mornings, so why not brunch instead? Malaysians have been loving Australian-inspired brunch. We heard a lot of good things from Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees, but never get to try it, until now. So hop on the foodventure train as we embark on a casual, foodie review.


Let’s Start with Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees:

As per usual, we start with a brief introduction. Avid coffee sippers might be familiar with the name. Originates from the land of koala bears and kangaroos, Australia, Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees has since expanded internationally, with over 160 outlets across the globe. We are lucky to have 9 outlets nationwide. Known for their affordable Australian brunch menu with slight Jamaican and Caribbean twist, let’s jump right into the food.

Enuff Said, Let’s Feast:

Breakfast Potato Hash with Mushroom & Tomato 

We were told that this is the popular item here at Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees, judging by the amount of tables who ordered it, our expectations were sky high. The potato hash is unlike typical hashbrowns, the textures were fluffly and smooth, it’s like omelette but made out of potatoes. Topped with spinach and almost-perfect poached egg, Australian brunch can’t look any better. Sautéed mushrooms on the side gave an overall pungent aroma, and the tomato puree complements the dish with a tinge of sourness.

Jamaica Beef Patty

The Jamaica Beef Patty on the other hand, did not disappoint as well. Known as a popular street snack in Jamaica, the fluffy pastry feels like a pocket filled with ground beef, onions and potatoes. It was savoury and appetizing, and we absolutely loved the buttery, fluffy crust.



Prawn Fettuccine with Napolitano Sauce


Moving on to pasta, what looks like a fettuccine tossed over Napolitano sauce was a tad dry to our liking. The prawns were juicy and fresh, and the sauce has just the right sweet-soury ratio. Overall, we just thought it needed a tad more sauce to fully coat the fettuccine, and it would be perfect.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings


The last main we ordered, and thought this would be perfect for sharing. If you’re planning on getting something appetizing to snack on, this is it. One can adjust the flavor of that sweet chili wings with lemon wedge and dip provided on the side.

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Onto Desserts and Drinks at Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees:

“Do you even Jamaica Blue if you didn’t at least order a cuppa?” Besides their highly rated Australian brunch, this place is also known to serve some of the best coffees. Sourcing only the highest grades of coffee beans, one can expect premium coffee roasted from the finest beans.

This beautiful pastel blue coffee presented with a stunning coffee art reminds us of the famous cafe in Korea specializing in coffee arts. Named after the Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees, this coffee consists of white chocolate, perfect for sweet tooth.

How to know if your coffee is a good coffee? Besides the smell and colour, crema, the layer of foam presented on top of espresso is important. Their Blue Mountain single origin coffee from Jamaica, is one of the highly-regarded beans of the coffee world. With a slight acidity and creamy note, this cuppa is perfect.

Another bestseller in Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees, the Jamaican Queen cake has a dense, solid chocolate flavor profile, with hazelnut mouse between layers which adds smoothness in the mouth.

Last but not least, Jamaica Frappe. We find Apple Matcha interesting, with a tad of apple grittiness to the milky matcha, which is refreshing. If calorie is not in your dictionary, Nuts Over Caramel is for you champs. Thick, sweet, and toasty. The frappes are perfect for the stuffy weather these day to chill down and relax.

In Our Honest, Humble Opinion:

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees definitely lives up to its hype, serving not only lip-smacking Australian brunch (millennial’s fav), but also impeccable coffee. We were pleased by both the service and price tag, provided that the quality presented to us was top notch. We couldn’t rave more about their coffee. if you foodies believe in us, head over to Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees and get yourself a cuppa now! Don’t forget to share with us your experience, buh bye!

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees

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