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Get Century Egg Laksa & Tomato Kolo Mee at Sarawak D’light Signature

Foodies, if you’re an avid fan, you might notice we got a bit carried away with hotpots. So, to switch our palate, we thought to get back on track with some Malaysian dishes. We stumbled upon Sarawak D’light Signature during lunch hour, and there goes another review.



A Brief of Sarawak D’Light Signature:

As the name suggests, Sarawak D’light Signature offers an array of what seems to be authentic Sarawakian dishes. It’s always a rare find to get East Malaysian food in the West, and believe this is probably the only place that serves up Sarawakian dishes in the whole Mont Kiara.

Straight Onto the Menu (Taste Test):

We couldn’t miss one or two of Sarawak’s laksa, given they’re the signature dishes (there’s more than one?!). The signature Sarawak Laksa was savory, given it was pork-free. Unlike Asam laksa, yellow noodles and vermicelli are used, loaded with generous amount of shredded chicken, striped omelette, prawn and lime. The broth was rich, with a strong hint of coconut, like curry laksa, but subtler. When paired with sambal belacan, the flavors got better.

Tomato Kolo Mee took us by surprised. Crispy fried egg noodles are drenched in light, sweet-sourish tomato broth. Dubbed as Asian Spaghetti, they say a good Tomato Kolo Mee depends on how “deep fried” the egg noodles are, and how soury the broth is. This one at Sarawak D’light Signature, is as close to what you can get in Sarawak.






Another dish that are uncommon in the West Malaysia, Cuttlefish Century Egg Laksa. We’re not sure whether this is a Sarawakian dish, but the combination of cuttlefish and curry laksa broth somehow reminded us of Curry Mee. Century egg added a grainy, savory texture, perfect for those who love century eggs.


We find Mee Jawa Tawkua, the last dish that we had very similar to our mee rebus, but subtler. Kolo Mee on the other, was a simple but rather appetizing, with sweet chicken char siew to enhance the flavor.

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Desserts and Drinks:

We couldn’t resist getting our sweet cravings fixed. Of Longan Calamansi, Grass Jelly Longan, and Ice Kacang, the first one was our favourite. Generous amount of sweet canned longan paired with calamansi which is sour, together they formed a refreshing treat. Ice Kacang, however, was a tad lackluster.


Their drinks, are pretty interesting as well. We loved the Sarawak Famous 3 Layer Tea, the combination of brown sugar, evaporated milk and red tea had us sipping non-stop. It’s like milk tea but better, and the word tea is pronounced “tey” in the local dialect. White Lady, just like the name, is a milky drink filled with jellies, fruits, loaded with shaved ice.

Verdict of Sarawak D’Light Signature:

Those who’re curious about how Sarawakian dishes look and taste like, give this place a go. Our senses were widened after trying out different dishes that are uncommon here. Truth is, East Malaysian food deserves more recognition. So if you happen to be in Mont Kiara, specifically 163 Retail Park, try out Sarawak D’light Signature.

Sarawak D’light Signature

Address: LG 1-11, Lower Ground Floor, 163 Retail Park, Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hour: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (Daily)
More Info:
Phone: 03-64194030

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