This Famous Tea Brand From Australia Opens First Outlet In M’sia At SS15 And Their Drinks Are Delicious

Taste The Goodness Of Fresh Teas

Hello, tea-lovers! Some studies have shown that drinking tea at least three times a week is linked with a longer and healthier life. Well, say no more because there is a new tea shop brewing in SS15 and it’s about to be your new (tea)ddiction. GOTCHA Fresh Tea, a famous tea brand from Australia, has finally landed in Malaysia!

GOTCHA Fresh Tea Farms Their Own Tea Leaves And That Is Why Their Tea Is So Delicious

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GOTCHA Fresh Tea farms and picks their tea leaves from the land of bubble tea and that is none other than, Taiwan. From all that Taiwan’s tea lands have to offer, “We Farm Our Own Tea“, is not just a brand statement. GOTCHA Fresh Tea prides themselves on serving the freshest and the best quali(tea) and it’s no doubt that their drinks are really mouth-watering. 

Here’s What We Recommend You To Try At GOTCHA Fresh Tea SS15

1. Yogumuji Series: Mango Yogurt Popping Pearls

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Besides serving tea drinks, GOTCHA Fresh Tea also offers a different twist on yogurt drinks in their Yogumuji Series. Their Mango Yogurt Popping Pearls is a combination of two wonderful ingredients – fresh mango and popping pearls. This drink is so yummy because they use fresh mango and even mango-flavoured popping pearls! The flavours in this drink is all your mango dreams come true.

2. Yogumuji Series: Strawberry Yogurt Popping Pearls

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Popping pearls is about to be your new favourite go-to topping because it’s so addictive! In addition, if you love strawberries, their Strawberry Yogurt Popping Pearls drink is your best pick. This drink is made with fresh strawberries, yogurt, milk, and of course, strawberry-flavoured popping pearls! Pop pop away!

3. Yogumuji Series: Sakura Lychee Yogurt Popping Pearls

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Yogurt drinks are undoubtedly healthy but once you add fresh fruits into it, it’s a game changer. Now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this cup of Sakura Lychee Yogurt Popping Pearls because it’s so delish! This drink comes with yogurt-flavoured and strawberry-flavoured popping pearls. Not to mention that the drink is also blended with fresh watermelon and lychee juice. The flavours definitely pack a punch in this one!

4. Signature Drink: Black Sugar Fresh Milk

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Calling all brown sugar boba fanatics because this drink is perfect for you lot. GOTCHA Fresh Tea’s Black Sugar Fresh Milk is less on the sweet-side and more on the deliciously-satisfying-side. This drink is not too sweet and because they only use fresh milk – technically speaking, this drink is a good dose of protein!

5. Signature Drink: Bamboo Charcoal Milk Tea

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The distinctive colour of this drink is from none other than: bamboo charcoal! We all know it by now that not only does charcoal give off this rich grey colour, activated charcoal also has plenty of health benefits. Their Bamboo Charcoal Milk Tea is made with milk tea, bamboo charcoal powder, and yummy brown sugar pearls!

6. Signature Drink: GOTCHA Signature Fruit Tea

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Nothing soothes the soul like delicious fruit tea and you can bet that the one at GOTCHA Fresh Tea is only made up of fruity goodness. Their Gotcha Signature Fruit Tea comes with tons of fresh fruits such as, watermelon, orange, lemon, strawberries and more. This drink is super refreshing and you won’t stop sipping on it!

7. Signature Drink: Strawberry Macchiato

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Last but not the least, their Strawberry Macchiato is the perfect drink for those of you who love sweet and savoury flavours. This drink is made with plenty of fresh strawberries that give it the vibrant red colour. Plus, cheese foam is added on top so make sure to stir it before drinking this delicious drink!

Head To GOTCHA Fresh Tea At SS15 To Enjoy Their Yogumuji Promotion From 18-23 Feb 2020 

Which Drink Are You Most Excited To Try At GOTCHA Fresh Tea SS15?

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We’ve only listed a couple of their signature drinks but there are plenty of other delicious drinks you should check out. For instance, also try their: Matcha Red Bean Milk, Aloe Vera Collagen, and Taro Flavoured Milk. What are you waiting for? Make a trip to their SS15 outlet now and get your tea-fix! One more important thing: their interior space is so pretty and perfect for Instagrammable shots!

Photo: KL Foodie

GOTCHA Fresh Tea @ SS15

Address: 27, Jalan SS 15/4, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 12PM-12AM; Friday & Saturday, 12PM-1AM

Link(s): Website, Facebook, Instagram

Status: [Muslim-friendly]

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