Viral Video Of Abang GrabFood Rescuing A Kitten Under The Rain Will Warm Your Heart


With the world still fighting against the epidemic, every single day is still an unknown to many others out there. Even though we’ve moved onto RMCO, we’re still not entirely out of the woods yet. With a sombre mood enveloping everyone of us, maybe this piece of light news will put a smile on your face.


GrabFood Rider Tries To Save Kitten From A Bustling Road Under The Rain

A video posted on Twitter, shows a simple kind act of a GrabFood rider saving a kitten under the rain, has since gone viral. The simple act was caught on video by Amira when she waiting for the traffic light at Tamna Minang, Cheras. It has since captured the hearts of Malaysians and garnered over 20k likes and retweets on Twitter.

Photo: @amirarasyidahh (Screenshot)

In the video, the Abang Grab is seen still carrying his Grab delivery bag as he searched high and low for the kitten in the middle of the road. Thankfully, the cars had all stopped due to the traffic light in front. In the last second, he managed to get ahold of the (presumably) scared kitten and heriocally carried it to safety at the side of the road.

Photo: @amirarasyidahh (Screenshot)

Check out the full video here:

Saving One Kitten, But Melting The Hearts Of Thousands

Thank you, Abang Grab! Even though the video is only 50 seconds video, but it’s more than enough to show that kindness can happen anywhere and by anyone. Grab Malaysia has also reached in the Twitter thread trying to find out who’s the GrabFood rider, so if you have any clue, you can let them know too.

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