Ho Kow Kopitiam Uncle Models His Own Street Tees, Looking Decades Younger

When you wake up looking for a hearty Hainanese breakfast, which place comes to mind? For foodies, we will immediately think of Ho Kow Kopitiam. Of course, who can even resist the aroma of freshly brewed Hainanese coffee and the crispy kaya butter toast? Yes, Ho Kow Kopitiam is a household name when it comes to classic Hainanese breakfast. If you’re a regular patron at Ho Kow Kopitiam, then you need to check out these photos of Uncle Ho Kow all dressed up in modern streetwear. One word: Chio.

Wah Uncle Ho Kow, You Look So Cool!

Ho Kow Kopitiam has been around since 1956 established by Uncle Ho Kow’s father, Ho Kee Soon. It used to be situated on Lorong Panggung in Chinatown but has relocated to Jalan Balai Polis. Even from afar, you can spot the snaking queue during pre-MCO days. That’s a true testament to their food right?

Ho Kow KopitiamPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

Ho Kow KopitiamImage: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

Ho Kow KopitiamPhoto: @projectartz12 (Instagram)

Now Kopitiam food aside, today we will be focusing on Uncle Ho Kow himself. In a post on Ho Kow Kopitiam’s official Facebook page, there were several photos of Uncle Ho Kow all dressed up in modern streetwear looking decades younger.

Ho Kow KopitiamPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

He looks super cool when dressed in oversized T-shirts and baggy cargo pants. He even donned on some accessories like a cap and a pair of Adidas Yeezy to complete the look. Think super cool grandpa and that is exactly how Uncle Ho Kow looks.

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

These chio tees are actually from the TNTCO x Ho Kow Series. Of course, there is no better model than Uncle Ho Kow himself. In this series, there are 3 different graphic tees namely ‘Breakfast Tee’, ‘Bonsai Tee’, and ‘Yumcha Tee’.

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

In this collaboration between a local kopitiam and clothing brand, there is also the limited edition Hainan Cham Mooncake.

Ho Kow KopitiamPhoto: @HoKowHainamKopitiam (Facebook)

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesImage: yijetqi_jet (Instagram)

TNTCO x Ho Kow SeriesPhoto: yijetqi_jet (Instagram)

Get These Tees And You Will Look As Cool As Uncle Ho Kow

For Uncle Ho Kow to dress up in street style, it’s definitely a once in a blue moon thing. This calls for some major support, don’t you think? Chup the mooncakes and tees here.

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