510 Homeless People In KL Are Given Shelters In Multipurpose Halls All Thanks To DBKL



  • 510 homeless are put into temporary shelters
  • They are undergoing screening test with none tested positive for Covid-19 yet
  • DBKL and other officials have been rounding them up since 26 March

DBKL Offers A Place To Stay For At Least 510 Homeless People

In light of the MCO, we’ve all been strongly urged to stay put at home and not go out unless necessary. But, what if you have homes to stay put at nor have any shelter to be safely placed? These are the conditions that the homeless has been living with ever since the implementation of the MCO.

Photo: @dbkl2u (Facebook)

Over 500 people who have been living in the streets since the start of the MCO have been placed in temporary shelters at the community halls throughout KL. This is a mass relief for not only the homeless, but also the NGOs who have been helping distributing food and drinks to them. According to KL Mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan, these people are undergoing screening test but none have tested positive for Covid-19 yet.

Photo: @dbkl2u (Facebook)

These homeless consist of both locals and foreigners from Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, India, Syria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Korea, Pakistan and Somalia. An estimated allocation of RM2 million will be used to provide mattresses, pillows and other basic necessities. Besides that, they’ll be given three meals per day until the MCO ends.

DBKL & Other Parties Working Tirelessly To Round Up The Homeless


Photo: @dbkl2u (Facebook)

DBKL members have been going to 14 hotspots of where the homeless might gather in the city such as Masjid Negara, Kotaraya, Central Market and more, since 26th March. They couldn’t have done it without the help fo the police, Kuala Lumpur Welfare Department as well as Malaysian Red Crescent. So far, the community centres involved as temporary shelters are Sentul Perdana Community Center, Setiawangsa Community Center, Peace Multipurpose Hall and Ampang Hilir Lake Multipurpose Hall.

Source: Harian Metro

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