Inside Scoop Has Been Offering Free Ice-Cream To Frontliners & You Can Join Them To Spread Happiness

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Hello, friends! For the past couple of months, many frontliners and essential workers have been working around the clock. The roads are mostly occupied by food delivery partners making deliveries. In certain locations, you will find roadblock tents diligently taken care of by policemen to ensure the safety of the public. These jobs are not easy, and as Malaysians, we are grateful for them.

Inside Scoop Has Been Offering Free Ice-Cream To Frontliners

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)
Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

During Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), one of our favourite local ice-cream brand, Inside Scoop, has been surprising frontliners and essential workers with a free scoop of ice-cream as a method of showing appreciation. Started back in late October, Inside Scoop posted a series of photographs of Abang and Kakak Grab happily having some free ice-cream.

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)
Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

On a more touching note, recently, one of the employees of Inside Scoop had surprised an Abang Polis with some packed ice-cream. As the employee uses the same route to go home from Inside Scoop, he meets the same policeman every day. Bonded by ice-cream, the employee has learned the hardships of being a frontliner during the pandemic. With no doubt, it is these simple gestures that keeps all of us going every day.

Here’s How You Can Join Them To Spread Happiness

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)
Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

With the core mission of spreading happiness, Inside Scoop has always been looking for ways to spark joy. This year, Inside Scoop is celebrating its upcoming 7th anniversary in a meaningful way. The local ice-cream brand has initiated #KitaBelanjaKita. It will offer a free scoop of ice-cream to our frontliners and essential workers when you order a scoop for yourself. This small initiative is happening from 21st to 28th November 2020.

Making The World A Better Place – One Scoop At A Time

Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)
Photo: Inside Scoop (Facebook)

To make it more heartwarming, you can also add a personal touch by writing a note to be delivered. Additionally, if you are a frontliner, you can drop a message to Inside Scoop, and it will be sending some ice-cream your way! We would like to end this article with a thank you note to all frontliners, and essential workers for making Malaysia a better place, day in and day out.

Also, remember to #SupportLocalEateries!

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