It’s Happening! Inside Scoop Made White Rabbit Flavoured Ice Cream!

We want it, we got it!

Just a week ago, an ice cream parlour created White Rabbit flavoured ice cream and it took the Internet by storm. The ice cream parlour that is based in Los Angeles, Wanderlust Creamery, announced the sale of the new flavour on their social media accounts on the 21st February 2019 and it is sold off all day every day. Surely, as Malaysians, we want a taste of it. After all, it is our favourite childhood candy! Well, It’s Happening! Inside Scoop Made White Rabbit Flavoured Ice Cream!

THIS JUST IN: White Rabbit Flavoured Ice Cream will also available in Queensbay Mall, Penang, starting from 8:00 p.m. on the 28th February 2019! 

It’s Happening! Inside Scoop Made White Rabbit Flavoured Ice Cream!

Photo: @wanderlustcreamery (Instagram)

We want it, we got it! After announcement made by Wanderlust Creamery, many netizens tagged Inside Scoop to the social media post. Naturally, Inside Scoop saw the post, and took the opportunity to make it happen for us! It is obviously an offer that they cannot refuse. Inside Scoop has been posting on social media about their creation, and honestly, it looks really legit!

Take A Look On Their Instagram Story!

Photo: Inside Scoop (Instagram Story)

The first Instagram Story shows the unboxing of White Rabbit candies. You know they are serious about this ’cause there are two boxes full of White Rabbit candies. We think that it may just take a year just to finish all of these. This is accompanied by three rabbit emojis, and #whiterabbiticecream. 2019 is getting better, and better ’cause it is really happening!

Photo: Inside Scoop (Instagram Story)

On the next story, we have a video of a person unwrapping the candies with the title, “Stripping bunnies naked”. Lol! It is also accompanied by a poll stating that it is taking forever to unwrap all of the candies. Urm, there are two boxes full, after all. Do you remember unwrapping White Rabbit candies? There is always light plastic wrap that is actually edible!

Photo: Inside Scoop (Instagram Story)

Moving on, we have super smooth ice cream churning out from the machine, and it looks so amazing! The way that it is churning out, it looks like art itself. We are so stoked! Of course, it comes with the words saying that it is going to be official with the cutest rabbit emoji! Is this what dreams are made of? It definitely looks like a dream to us!

Photo: Inside Scoop (Instagram Story)

On the last Instagram Story, we have White Rabbit candies dramatically falling down with a countdown! It is finally a deal! It will be available in all Klang Valley outlets and the countdown says one more day to go fifteen hours ago. If our mathematics is correct, it will be available by 28th February! White Rabbit Invasion is really happening soon!

White Rabbit Invasion At Klang Valley

Photo: @myinsidescoop (Instagram)

Unfortunately, it is only available in Klang Valley, and other states are not able to enjoy this brand new flavour, yet. Hopefully, it will be so amazing that Inside Scoop will be bringing the flavour to other states. What do you think about this brand new flavour? Most importantly, what are your favourite flavours from Inside Scoop? Let us know in the comments!

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