Breaking: JLD Dragon Milk Tea is Opening at SS15

There's Buy 1 Free 1 Too

All the milk tea lovers, unite as we share with you this exciting news, another famous Taiwanese bubble milk tea chain is opening! Some of you might go “we know la it’s the dragon milk tea mah,” yes sure it is, but do you know the exact location and, official opening date? We have that classified info to share with you, so continue reading to find out more about JLD Dragon Milk Tea.



Are We Done with Bubble Milk Tea?

First, we have the tiger, then the deer, then the bear, and……here comes the dragon! It is no surprise SS15 is crowned as the “boba milk tea street.”

Fun fact: JLD Dragon Milk Tea is so popular in Taiwan it needs no advertising. They hit million sales record in a monthly manner, that foodies, is a proof of how Taiwanese love their JLD! Currently, they have 30 stores in Taiwan, 2 in Hong Kong and have also stepped foot in Japan (Malaysia’s next!). So to answer the headline, are we done with bubble milk tea? Definitely no, not in a million year (editor is a hardcore milk tea fan).

What Can Bubble Milk Tea Fans Expect from JLD Dragon Milk Tea?

The Golden ratio of milk tea to boba, JLD uses 1646 Traditional Okinawa brown sugar from Japan. That explains its smooth, aromatic sweetness with a hint of roasted aftertaste. Everything is made fresh in JLD, from tea to brown sugar and boba. Every boba is made from scratch, by hand, with a gummy-bear like texture, about 1/4 inch in diameter. With so much detail taken into account, expectations are high.

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Good News, We’re Sharing the Location, Launch Date, and MORE!


Only for you bubble milk tea squad, JLD Dragon Milk Tea is having a soft launch on the 18th of April (also their first day)! Scroll till the end to get the location okay? Operating from 2 p.m.-1 a.m. during soft launch, expect Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion* from JDL Dragon Milk Tea. Keep both for yourself, no? Head to their FB page for more information.

Don’t say we bojio, we have already spilled every drop of tea we have in our cup. So don’t forget to tag your friends so that you guys can queue together! Have fun queuing, oops, we mean sipping boba milk tea! See ya guys there!


**Free bubble milk tea is only redeemable on next visit**

JLD Dragon Milk Tea Malaysia

Address: NO. 7-G, JALAN SS15/4E, SS15, Shah Alam, Malaysia 47500.
Soft Launch Date: 18 April 2019
Soft Launch Hour: 2 p.m.-1 a.m.
More Info:

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