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This Is Where You Can Get Fresh Korean Produce That’s Directly Imported From Korea

For All Your Korean Home Cooking

Hello, foodies! When we travel, it’s no doubt that we all love getting goods from overseas to bring back to Malaysia. Whether it is from Thailand, China or even Korea, we all love shopping for authentic goods that we can enjoy back home. Well, guess what – you can now shop for all the freshest Korean produce from this brand that imports all the good stuff directly from Korea! Let’s check them out!


This K Fresh by First Pick Brand Sells Fresh Produce Air-Flown From Korea

In recent years, the popularity of Korean culture and trends has taken over the world, even here in Malaysia. Whether it is K-pop or K-beauty, Malaysians are loving all things Korean and now, there is even a Korean fresh produce culture that is growing. If you love eating Korean food, you’re going to want to get your hands on these groceries so that you can cook up a delicious Korean meal at home, or even create fusion recipes by incorporating them into your typical Malaysian meals. Check out below for some of Korea’s most popular fresh ingredients that you can now get at several supermarkets across Malaysia, all thanks to K Fresh!

Korean Incubator Pumpkin & Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Because there are tons of produce to choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice! From tomatoes to cabbages, you can now get these Korean vegetables at several grocery stores via K Fresh by First Pick chillers. For instance, you can find Incubator Pumpkin and Cherry Tomatoes. Plus, here’s a simple recipe below on how you can use these ingredients to cook a delicious meal!


Korean Golden Enoki, Shimeji & Matt Oyster Mushrooms

Calling all mushroom lovers! You can even get Golden Enoki Mushrooms from K Fresh! Looking deliciously appetising with gold-coloured mushroom heads, you should definitely get this if you love eating Enoki mushroom. Besides that, they also offer Shimeji (brown and white) and Matt Oyster mushrooms. By the way, these are all grown-to-order and are packed with modified atmosphere packaging where the special gas inside not only keeps the mushrooms fresh, but extends its shelf life!


Fresh Perilla Leaves & Korean Pumpkin

Another Korean food staple, you can now buy fresh Perilla Leaves from K Fresh chillers. Known to be a versatile ingredient, you can use them to make spring rolls or even just deep fry them (tempura-style) to get a crunchy light snack. Check out below for a simple Perilla Leaf recipe that you can try at home! As for Korean Pumpkin, it’s sweet and perfect for making the Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce recipe above, soups, or even pumpkin chips!


Korean Pumpkin & Chestnut Flavoured Sweet Potatoes

Photo: (left) Sweet Potato Pumpkin, (right) Sweet Potato Chestnut

Leave it to the Koreans to produce flavoured sweet potatoes! Yes, you heard that right – they can grow sweet potatoes with flavour! More precisely, they grow Chestnut (pictured left) and Pumpkin (pictured right) Flavoured Sweet Potatoes that you can steam or roast before eating. This makes the perfect healthy snack!

Fresh Korean Radish & Cabbage

Here’s a question for kimchi lovers – how about giving a go at making your own kimchi conveniently at home?. The Korean Radish and Cabbage are freshly picked from farms in Korea, and it doesn’t get any better than this. Get these fresh vegetables now and give it a go!


Korean Peppers (Different Heat Levels)

For those who like a little (or a lot) of spice in their lives, head to the hypermarket and get yourselves some Korean Peppers! Different in heat levels, these peppers can vary in how spicy they taste. Pro tip: the darkest green-coloured peppers (pictured most right) is said to be Korea’s spiciest pepper!

Red Kiwi & Gold Kiwi From Jeju Island!

Fruit lovers rejoice because you can also get the freshest fruits directly from Korea! For instance, make sure you get their special Jeju Red Kiwi that has a beautiful red center. It tastes deliciously sweet and it is a great fruit snack. They also sell Jeju Gold Kiwi that you can eat with cereal for a healthy morning breakfast!

Here’s Where You Can Find The Freshest Korean Produce

K Fresh counters are located at these major retailers:

  • Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Jaya Grocer, One Utama Shopping Centre
  • AEON, One Utama Shopping Centre
  • Village Grocer, Plaza Arkadia
  • Ben’s Independent Grocer, Public
  • Urban Fresh, Setia City Mall
  • AEON, Mid Valley Megamall
  • AEON Style, Taman Maluri
  • Everrise, Imago Shopping Mall (Sabah)
  • City Grocer, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (Sabah)
  • Maslee Express, Molek Pine 4 (Johor)
  • K Market, Puchong
  • K Market, Solaris

Selected range of K Fresh produce now available online at:

All Things Korean Now At Your Fingertips

Each grocery store has a designated special location for the K Fresh chiller decorated in royal blue designs so make sure you look out for it! In case we didn’t mention it enough – there are more than 20 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables that are all air-flown from Korea right to your grocery shelves! Bye for now and stay safe!

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