KFC Launched ‘Pandu Ambil’ Service – Just Park And Wait For Your Orders

Tapau Macam Boss

With the rise of Covid-19 cases that we have right now, it will be best to avoid contact as much as possible. Even when we want to buy our lovable fried chicken. With that in mind, KFC came up with a very cool solution. No more queues, no more getting off the car and definitely less contact.

kfc pandu ambil
Photo: @KFCMY

Pandu Ambil Service

kfc pandu ambil
Photo: @TheSentiment

The KFC Self Collect service is now enhanced with greater convenience with the introduction of Pandu Ambil – a new curbside collection service that makes getting your favourite fried chicken even easier. All you have to do is order it online and wait in their parking lot for your orders to come. You don’t even have to turun kereta now! Plus! the ordering steps are fairly simple too!

KFC pandu ambil
Photo: @KFCMY

Here’s how it works:
1. Download and register via the KFC Malaysia App or
2. Choose Self Collect, select collection store, date, and time, then add your orders to cart.
3. Select Pandu Ambil upon checkout and key in your car number plate
4. Collect from the selected store by parking at the Pandu Ambil parking lot and They’ll bring
your order to you

Faster, Safer, And Contactless Experience

KFC Pandu AMbil
Photo: @KFCMY

So if you are craving a bucket of KFC’s delicious secret recipe chicken, try KFC’s new curbside
Pandu Ambil collection service. It is easy, safe, and contactless; and as the Pandu Ambil campaign
line that reads – ‘Tapau macam Boss’!

Source: Press Release

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