KFC Launches Newest Ayam Pedas Nyonya To Celebrate Malaysia’s Peranakan Culture

The Peranakan culture has left significant imprints on Malaysian culture. Inspired by their rich food traditions with unique and bold flavours, KFC now celebrates Peranakan culinary qualities in their newest limited-time-only menu, KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya.

Indulge In The Fragrant And Nostalgic KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya

Photo: @KL Foodie
Photo: @KL Foodie

Featuring signature Nyonya ingredients such as bunga kantan, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and shallots, the newest KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya infused distinct tastes of Nyonya cuisine to the signature Hot & Spicy chicken. Creating a wonderful symphony of flavours in your mouth. Lou can expect fragrant, tangy, and aromatic Nyonya flavours in each crunchy bite.

Photo: @KL Foodie

KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya will be available starting today (30th November 2021) at all KFC stores nationwide. Starting from RM15.99, you can enjoy this new Finger Lickin’ Good meal in 3 options:

2 piece Combo (RM15.99)

Consist of 1 packet of rice, 2 pieces of KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya, 1 small coleslaw, and 1 drink of your choice.

Photo: @KL Foodie

3 Piece Combo (RM19.99)

Consist of  3 pieces of KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya, 1 coleslaw (s), 1 mashed potato (s), and 1 drink of your choice.

Photo: @KL Foodie

Box Meal (RM20.49)

Consist of 1 piece of KFC Ayam Pedas Nyonya, 1 Zinger Burger Classic, 1 Crispier Fries, 1 coleslaw (s), and 1 drink of your choice.

Photo: @KL Foodie

Available Though Delivery, Self Collect, And Pandu Ambil

Get your meal safer, faster, and easier by opting for KFC Delivery, Self Collect, and Pandu Ambil. Remember that this delicious meal will only be available for a limited time so you better get it fast! And as always, don’t forget to practice the new norm while you are outside. Until next time friends, toodles!

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