Klook Travel Fest: 2-Day Fun-Filled Travel Fair With Amazing Travel Deals, Freebies & Games

Get Buy 1 Free 1 Deals, Meet Influencers and More!

Planning on your next vacay to score off the bucket list? Then you need to hear this out- Klook is bringing Malaysia’s first mobile-driven travel fest to Kuala Lumpur this 28-29 September 2019! Turn your year-end trip into a foolproof, dream-like vacation at KLOOK Travel Fest. The two-day travel fair will feature games, freebies, Buy 1 Free 1 deals, performances, influencer sharing and more! Continue reading to reveal all the exciting activities you are about to find there.


What is KLOOK Travel Fest 2019?

KLOOK Travel Fest is a mobile-driven experiential travel fair, the first of its kind in Malaysia, that brings together travel, fun, and community under one roof. That means no more carrying a stack of A4 paper brochure on your way home from the travel fair! 

From amazing on-site merchant deals to interactive experiences, expect endless fun here at KLOOK Travel Fest. You can even find travel workshops from industry experts to tailor-make your ideal travel itinerary. What are you waiting for? Buckle up and join the tour!

What to Expect At KLOOK Travel Fest Malaysia 2019?

#1 Crazy Deals


Speaking of KLOOK Travel Fest, the crazy travel deals would be the biggest highlights of the day! Race to the front for the event-exclusive Buy 1 Free 1 and 50% off deals which will be flashed on the screen. Keep yourselves phone camera-ready at all times for’em sweet deals! 

#2 Experience Booths

Travel to your favourite country in a blink at Klook’s experience booths! Experience your favourite theme parks like Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Universal Studios Japan and more at the booths and get exclusive discounts to your favourite attractions. You’ll be thoroughly entertained with the immersive and Insta-worthy booths, games and activities.  Bringing kids along? Occupy them with interesting activities at kids’ corner by Kidzania. 


#3 “Ask Klook” Booth

Let’s say you’ve bought your flight tickets, but have zero ideas on how and what to prepare for your upcoming trip. That’s where the “Ask Klook” booth comes in handy! Get more information or travel advice from Klook’s travel experts at the event to make the most out of your trips. 

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#4 Sharing Sessions by Influencers and Celebrities

During the event, Klook will invite some of the industry’s experts to share their passion for travel, funny stories, insider tips on travel videography, solo-travelling and more. Meet your favourite celebrities and influencers and arm yourselves with travel knowledge, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

Panel discussion to share tips on travelling with children

One of the fun of travelling is the time you get to bond with your family members. And if your family involves young children, catch these panel discussions to guide you through headache-free vacations with your kids! They come in 2 sessions of English language and Chinese language-based panels.

English Language-Based Panel

Sazzy Falak- Malaysian actress, TV host, entrepreneur, certified fitness instructor and fashion icon. She is best known for her breakthrough role as Shasha in the 2005 film Gol & Gincu.

Daphne Iking- Wears multiple hats as a travel vlogger, emcee, TV host, actress. She is also an advocate for children’s rights.

Wei Zhi – Known as the Gal from KampungBoyCityGal – a local food and travel blog that has more than 20 million hits.

Mandarin Language-Based Panel

Joe Chang of GOXUAN & Mia Chai– best known to be the young family-oriented duo that regularly share tips and tricks of parenthood and travelling as a family. They own a YouTube account as ChangFamily as well.

Wong Chui Ling– Born in Hong Kong and now based in Kuala Lumpur, Chui Ling is a superwoman who thrives on multitasking as a mother, TV/ radio producer, host, and an entrepreneur.

Join Mei Mei Chu, a full-time journalist and award-winning travel blogger in Malaysia, as she busts the myths of solo-travelling. 

Baki– A local actor, cyclist, and an adventurous traveller, will be sharing his lesser-known local travelling stories, which will inspire your next getaway.

Chanwon– A content creator, focusing on beauty, travel & lifestyle-related topics. A wanderlust, she has travelled to Japan multiple times. Also, she’s a winner of InfluenceAsia 2017 in the beauty category. Join her as she unveils everything you need to know about Japan.

Get styling tips to up your travel game with Asma’ Nasaruddina creative director for a local fashion brand. She’ll also show you guys how to explore like a local while travelling during the KLOOK Travel Fest 2019. 

#5 Free Merchandise

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Get your hands on free Klook merchandises and try your luck at winning something – from roundtrip air tickets to Dyson hairdryers and Samsonite luggage! 

#6 Performances

Another key highlight that sets KLOOK Travel Fest 2019 apart from the norm is the tons of performances that come with it! Join Jenn Chia & Jon Liddell, the power couple who are known to curate creative, engaging and comedy themed content, as they perform with on-stage games. 

Not just that, expect duets from Pong Pong Siblings, Japanese drum performance by Wadaiko Syo, K-pop Dances by Kueendom Kingsman and many more! Enough talking for now, head over to the travel fest and experience it for yourselves. We promise, it’s gonna be fun!

Admission to KLOOK Travel Fest is Free, BUT…

Of course admission is free, but you’ll have to reserve your FREE ticket to the KLOOK Travel Fest. Easy, all you need to do is click on here, and sign up to get your e-ticket. Each ticket is entitled to a lucky draw!

Pheww, that’s a long one, hope you guys get the full itinerary. We’ll see you at KLOOKTravel Fest 2019, buh-bye! Stay updated with the deals and more that you can expect at the KLOOK Travel Fest on Klook’s Instagram and event page on Facebook!

KLOOK Travel Fest 2019 Event Details

Date: 28 & 29 September 2019
Time: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
VenueHall 9, Level 3, MITEC (Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre), 8 Jalan Dutamas 2, Kuala Lumpur

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