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KOI Thé Is Offering Delivery Around Klang Valley For All Your Bubble Tea Cravings During CMCO

New Coconut Jelly Topping!

Hello, bubble tea lovers! We bring good news because one of our favourite bubble tea joints, KOI Thé is now offering boba delivery around Klang Valley (selected areas only) and we couldn’t be more happy! So, have you been craving boba lately? Well, fret not because you can now have KOI Thé delivered straight to your doorstep!


KOI Thé Offers Delivery Around Klang Valley With Min Spend RM40

Photo: @leeqin (Instagram)

As the number of Covid-19 cases remain relatively high, we are all encouraged to stay home as much as possible. If you are bored at home and need a little cheering up, we have the perfect solution for you. How about ordering some refreshing KOI Thé to brighten up your mood? We bet that a cuppa KOI Thé will definitely turn that frown upside down! You can even accumulate leaves with your member account on KOI Mobile App for the purchase.

Here’s How To Order KOI Thé & Have It Delivered To Your Doorstep

Get A Holiday Edition KOI Go Green Eco Cup When You Spend A Minimum of RM40

  • Promotion period: 27th Nov till 6th Dec 2020
  • Applicable for delivery with a minimum spend of RM40 (excluding delivery fee)
  • Delivery area within selected areas in Klang Valley only (delivery charges may apply)
  • Pre-orders only (by 430pm daily)
  • Customers must quote “ILOVEKOI” promo code when placing pre-orders via Facebook or Instagram (Direct Message) to enjoy the “FREE KOI Go Green Eco Cup – Holiday Edition”
  • Payment must be made (instant transfer) upon confirmation of order via Direct Message through Facebook or Instagram
  • To place your orders, click here: KOI Thé Malaysia (Facebook), KOI Thé Malaysia (Instagram)

NEW: Don’t Forget To Try Their New Coconut Jelly Topping!




















While you are already ordering KOI Thé delivery, why not try their new topping: Coconut Jelly! This new topping has a chewy texture that’s unlike any of their other toppings. And, it has a subtle coconut taste that is sweet and super yummy! So, make sure to try this new topping with your drinks!

Calling All Boba Lovers

So, if you are craving for bubble tea, you know what to do: order from KOI Thé and get it delivered straight to your doorstep so everyone can enjoy these refreshing drinks! And, make sure to quote “ILOVEKOI” when you place your orders to get a FREE Holiday Edition KOI Go Green Eco Cup! Do you know someone who loves KOI Thé? Make sure you tag them in the comments and let’s drink some boba!

To order KOI Thé Delivery, click below:

Facebook | Instagram 

Feature image credit: (left) @riderchew_1114 (Instagram), (right) @csting89 (Instagram)

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