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Kombi Penjaja Is Touring Around The City To Serve You Some Delicious Cafe Food

Look out for the minibus!

Hello Foodies, we have recently spotted a minibus touring around the city centre with lots of yummylicious goods! Timothy Cafe and Kafe Kleptokrat have come together to set up this mobile food stall called Kombi Penjaja to keep serving the neighbourhood some delicious food.

Photo: @timothy.highstreetkl (Facebook)

Check Out Their Schedule!

Photo:@timothy.highstreetkl (Facebook)

If you miss some buttery pastries, don’t miss out on this. Kombi Penjaja is serving you fresh pies. danish, quiches, cakes, sourdough bread, and the list go on. As for drinks, nothing can go wrong with a cup of latte in the morning or some kombucha to kick start your digestive system! If you fancy some Vietnamese Coffee, they have got you covered too.

Look At These

Photo: @timothy.highstreetkl (Facebook)
Photo: @timothy.highstreetkl (Facebook)
Photo: @timothy_highstreetkl (Instagram)
Photo: @timothy.highstreetkl (Facebook)

Check Out Kombi Penjaja

Photo: @timothy_highstreetkl (Instagram)

Make sure to look out for this minibus the next time you see it around your neighbourhood. Let’s support local business while getting your craving fixed! View their MCO menu here!

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