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8 Mochi Sellers Offering Delivery In Klang Valley To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Mochi lovers check this out!

Calling all the mochi lovers! If you love this chewy goodness like us, keep scrolling and find out more. Here is a list of 8 mochi sellers and they are also available for deliveries within the Klang Valley.


Everything Mochi Starts Here!

1. Tip Top Durian

If you love durians, this could be another best thing for you! Tip Top Durian has two types of durian mochi for you, the D24 and Musang King. Yummy!

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2. Mochewy

Mochewy’s mochi is halal certified and even better, gluten-free! They have a lot of different flavours too ranging from berries, chocolate, cheese, durian, and more to be discovered.


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3. Kimoochi


Can you see that big chunk of mango in the mango mochi? I am drooling by looking at it now. Kimoochi also serves you some fantastic Chocolate Truffle and Matcha Truffle mochi!

Link(s): Instagram

4. Baree Bakee


Unlike the usual red bean fillings, Baree Bakee serves you a super thin layer of mochi skin wrapped inside some light cream and fresh fruits. Do check out other flavours such as strawberry and oreo too!

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5. Mumumm Shuang

Daifuku, everyone’s favourite Japanese sweets. One big strawberry wrapped inside the sweetened red bean paste and mochi skin. This is the best combo to date.

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6. Royale Mochi

Royale Mochi rest assured you with some gluten-free and vegetarian mochi. Check out some unique flavours from them such as coconut, sweet potato, and pandan!

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7. Mimi Daifuku

Mimi daifuku is currently serving the original and cha Japanese series daifuku. They are using good quality red bean paste which is not overly sweet and you could still find chunks of red beans in it!

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8. Kakiyuki

Kakiyuki has a few types of mochi for everyone even if you are not a fan of mochi. From Daifuku, and Warabi Mochi, to Mochi Ice Cake. You are sure to find something you like.

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