Here’s How To Easily Make Kuih Ketayap That’s Perfect For Tea Time

As parents across the nation scramble around coming up with innovative ways to bring the family together and keep the kids entertained during the lockdown, here at Foodie, we also come up with more ideas and recipes you can make at home. Keep reading as we’re about to share with you a recipe for Kuih Ketayap!

An Easy Recipe Of Kuih Ketayap You Can Make At Home!

Photo: Roslina Shaari Ina Kie (Facebook)

As you know there are no more stalls operating since the MCO, so our craving for local Kuih is getting more serious. Kuih Ketayap or Kuih Gulung is a popular traditional Kuih with sweet coconut crepes. It’s so easy to make and the filling can last longer if you keep it refrigerated. Here’s how you can make your own Kuih Ketayap at home!

Ingredients (Crepe Batter)

Wheat Flour (2 Cups)
Tapioca Flour (2 Tablespoon)
Oil (2 Tablespoons)
Water (2 Cups)
Egg (1)
Salt (1 Teaspoon)
Few drops of green colouring

Step 1: Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and then pour it into a container.

Step 2: To cook, brush oil on a non-stick pan and heat up. Ladle some batter on it and swirl to make a thin crepe. Cook until crepe starts to lift from the pan.

Photo: Roslina Shaari Ina Kie (Facebook)

Step 3: Remove and set aside; repeat with the rest of the batter.

Ingredients (Grated Coconut Filling)

Grated fresh coconut
Chopped gula melaka
White sugar
Pinch of salt

Step 4: Combine all the ingredients in a pan until slightly dry.

Step 5: To assemble, put a spoonful of coconut filling on each crepe, fold in the sides and roll up like a spring roll.

Quick additional info, you can estimate the sweetness of the filling according to your taste. And with such a simple list of ingredients as well as steps, there’s always a way to try this recipe out.

Photo: Roslina Shaari Ina Kie (Facebook)

The Gooey And Sweetness Of Kuih Ketayap Is Irresistible

It’s the least you can do to fill your free time and this recipe is totally recommended as the perfect tea-time snack with your family! Do try out this viral recipe and let us know how it goes!

Recipe By: Roslina Shaari Ina Kie (Facebook)

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