10 Must-Try Food At The Malaysia Boleh! Food Court In Four Seasons Place Near Suria KLCC

The best of Malaysian food all under one roof!

Craving for Penang char kuey teow? Thinking about Ipoh nga-choi kai? Hungry for Klang bah kut teh? Once in awhile, you’re almost tempted to take a drive to Penang or Ipoh just to your satisfy stomach, right? We get it, we really do – we Malaysians are known for travelling long distances just for food. Well, we bring good news because you can find all your favourites at the Malaysia Boleh! food court at Four Seasons Place near KLCC.


Enjoy All The Best Of Malaysian Favourites At The Malaysia Boleh! Food Court

Photo: (left) @yk79 (Instagram), (right) @acappellaklccsuites (right)

Save yourself a trip to Penang or Ipoh, head to the Malaysia Boleh! food court in Four Seasons Place for the best of Penang and Ipoh, right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! Read below for 10 things you must eat when you visit this food court! They’re not to be missed!

1. Yong Kee Char Kuay Tiao @ Malaysia Boleh!

Photo: @sghawker (Instagram) (edited)

You can literally taste the “wok hei” in this char kuay tiao, this Yong Kee Char Kuay Tiao originates from Penang, over at Siam Road. This version in KL is as close as it gets to the one in Penang, you’d definitely think your taste buds are eating it all the way at Siam Road!

2. KL Hokkien Mee

Photo: @wensdelight (Instagram) (edited)

When in Kuala Lumpur, there’s no question whether or not you have to try Hokkien Mee because the answer is yes and…yes. Yellow mee noodles stir fried with dark soy sauce mixed with prawns, pork pieces and cabbage make up this classic KL midnight food favourite. It’s delicious any time of day too and, you know it. Did we mention eating it with a dollop of sambal is the only (right) way to eat it? Well yeah, because it is.

3. Chilly Pan Mee

Photo: @ataji (Instagram) (edited)

A hearty bowl of pan mee just sets your mood right, doesn’t it? The chilly pan mee at the Malaysia Boleh! food court will certainly turn your frown upside down! Their noodles are springy in texture and when you eat it with salty minced pork, it’s not doubt that your mood will be lifted!

4. Claypot Chicken Rice @ Malaysia Boleh! Food Court

Photo: @eatwithjw (Instagram) (edited)

It’s a fact that anything cooked in a claypot is bound to taste good, yes? Absolutely, we’re sure of it. A perfect example would be claypot chicken rice when it’s cooking under charcoal fire and it comes to the table incredibly hot and yummy! Plus, only claypot chicken rice lovers would know that the best bits are the sticky rice at the bottom of the pot!

5. Penang Fried Oyster (O’ Chien) @ Malaysia Boleh!

Photo: @eatplayhavefun (Instagram) (edited)

If I could name one guilty pleasure, this would be it. O’ Chien, or otherwise known as fried oyster with egg, this dish is an absolute treat! Fresh oysters and fried eggs literally make the best combo, it’s so fragrant and it’d be hard to believe if you didn’t actually like it. That’s only because we know you’re going to love it!

6. Ipoh Pork Kuay Tiao Noodles

Photo: @malaysiabolehsg (Instagram) (edited)

If you’re looking for comfort food, nothing beats a bowl of pork noodles! This recipe comes from Ipoh and their pork meat is the freshest you can get and it’s certainly delish! Kuay tiao noodles in hot pork broth just completes the dish because it leaves you warm and full, you bet it does.

7. Penang Fried Carrot Cake

Photo: @tinahnana (Instagram) (edited)

Penang fried carrot cake or, commonly known to us as Char Koay Kak, is a perfect dish for sharing! Sweet and salty flavours really go well together with crunchy bean sprouts, fried egg, and fresh spring onions! You really can’t go wrong with ordering this and that’s a fact.


8. KL Wanton Mee

Photo: @malaysiabolehsg (Instagram) (edited)

This dish is a classic Malaysian staple, Wanton Mee! It’s one of our favourite lunch time meals because it’s tasty and it fills our bellies. Thin noodles coated with salty soy sauce and sweet char siew makes us all salivate a little, doesn’t it?

9. Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken (Nga Choi Kai)

Photo: @malaysiabolehsg (Instagram) (edited)

It’s something about the water in Ipoh that makes their bean sprouts so juicy and big or…is it just me? Nevertheless, here’s another one of our local favourites that you have to try at the food court: chicken rice! It’s always a good meal when there’s soft chicken and crunchy bean sprouts, not to mention fragrant chicken-stock rice! Aren’t you just drooling?

10. Penang Road Cendol

Photo: @lclim9168 (Instagram) (edited)

On a hot and sunny day, we bet all Malaysians crave a cold bowl of cendol. You crave it, I crave it – we all do and for good reason! There’s something magical about shaved ice and gula melaka because it just tastes so goood. As if it couldn’t be better, we have cendol jelly and red beans to add to it! (I need one right now…don’t you!?)


List Of 10 Must-Try Food At Malaysia Boleh! Food Court In Four Seasons Place

There you have it, that’s the scoop on what you should try at the Malaysia Boleh! food court. There are plenty of other local favourites there too like Klang bah kut teh, curry mee, assam laksa and more! Don’t worry about not finding your favourite Malaysian food! Make a trip to Four Seasons Place this weekend and treat yourself to some local delights, adios for now!

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