New: McDonald’s Butterscotch Cookies McFlurry & Strawberry Desserts Are Now Available Nationwide

All New McFlurry Flavour!

Hello, foodies! Nothing beats looking forward to brand new food promotions in this brand new year, especially when they’re desserts. Well, it’s safe to say EVERYONE will rejoice at this latest news that McDonald’s is releasing brand new McFlurry and ice cream flavours. Butterscotch Cookies McFlurry and Strawberry desserts is hitting all McDonald’s outlets nationwide today!


McDonald’s Introduces New Butterscotch Cookies McFlurry This New Year

Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)
Image: KL Foodie
Photo: KL Foodie

Adding a new twist of wonderful McFlurry flavours, the Butterscotch Cookies McFlurry will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings in a single mouthful! Chocolate swirled with smooth vanilla McFlurry is topped off with the ultimate crunchy goodness of butterscotch cookies. With actual cookies in it, you’ll certainly be in for a treat. Rich and buttery in every bite, there’s no better way to start off the year with.

Berry-licious Strawberry Desserts For All Strawberry Fanatics

Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)
Photo: @My.McDonalds (Facebook)

Back at it again with the strawberry goodness, a full range of strawberry ice cream desserts are now available. Take your time and pick out your favourite from the five different variations of strawberry ice cream! If you’re fans of their ice cream cones, go for their Strawberry Choco Dip, Strawberry & Vanilla or just a plain ol’ Strawberry one will do. Besides that, get a double dose of strawberry sweetness by getting their Double Strawberry Sundae or even their Strawberry Sundae & Chocolate.


Which Newly-Released McDonald’s Dessert Are You Most Excited To Try Out Next?

2020 is starting off great as McDonald is not only releasing a wide array of desserts for all Malaysians, but they’re also introducing brand new fish prosperity burger and Hello Kitty happy meal toys! Now, you have every reason to visit your nearest McDonald’s outlet for the ultimate pre-CNY feast.

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