McDonald’s Introduces Fried Chicken With New Sweet Chili Sauce Starting 24th April



  • Enjoy your usual crunchy McDonald’s fried chicken with sweet chili sauce.
  • It will be available on the 24th April 2020.
  • Included in “Indahnya Ramadan” promotions.

Fried chicken is love. However, a strong relationship will not grow without a little bit of spice! However, simply being spicy won’t be enough for us. And since Malaysians will never grow tired of the spicy trend, why don’t we give it a try? This new sweet chili sauce from McDonald’s looks very promising that it might just create a new rave.

Crunchy Fried Chicken With Zesty Sweet Chilli Sauce

 McD fried chicken
Photo: @klfoodie

Enjoy your usual crunchy McDonald’s fried chicken drizzled with their new sweet chili sauce. It will surely kick your jaws open for more! A unique concoction that would most definitely give a new life to their already flavourful fried chicken. Coming to you on the 24th April, the sauce is definitely here for McDonald’s “Indahnya Ramadhan” promotion.

McD fried chicken
Photo: @klfoodie

Don’t Miss it

Treat yourself this Ramadan with delicious food. Though we might not able to celebrate it like how we used to this year, it shouldn’t stop us from eating great food. Stay home and don’t starve my friends! We can survive this together!

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