M’sian TikToker “Belanja 1 Troli” In Celebration Of Merdeka Will Melt Your Heart

What is Independence Day without Malaysians singing “Tanggal 31” by Sudirman all month long, decorating homes and even cars with Jalur Gemilang, and celebrating it like true Malaysians? The essence of what Merdeka is really all about is always, togetherness. Spreading the joy of giving and sharing with another is exactly what this TikToker did! Read on below!


Spreading Joys Of Merdeka By “Belanja 1 Troli”


Sharing a video to his TikTok page recently, TikToker Pinn Yang approached a shopper in a mall. He asked if she could help him as he forgot to bring his wallet, and the lady offered to pay.

He then revealed to the lady that he would like to pay for her WHOLE trolley as she did something nice to him! 

“Boss Ah Huat yang belanja,” he then said while wearing a red “terompah” and giving her a pack of Ah Huat White Coffee. 

Following the video, plenty of netizens have also commented on the lady’s kind gestures, some of them said:

It’s truly heartwarming to see how selfless and thoughtful Malaysians are for those in need, check out the video here:


“I lupa bawa dompet & minta tolong, and this wonderful thing happened… 🥺 Terpaling ngam!” #pinnyang #foryou #fyp #socialexperiment #kindness #malaysia #viral #fypシ

♬ Jiwa Yang Bersedih (Sped Up Version) – Ghea Indrawari

But Wait, Boss Baru Ah Huat?

Going back to the video, Pinn Yang donned a red “terompah”. Doing some digging, we got to know that Boss Baru Ah Huat is actually from the Malaysian favourite Ah Huat White Coffee! 



AHWC’s aim behind the “Belanja 1 Troli”, is they would like to inspire kindness and compassion regardless of one’s race or religion in conjunction with Merdeka day!

And Pinn Yang’s outfit resembles the brand’s soon-to-be-revealed Boss Ah Huat! The launch will be in September, guess who might that be?

Stay tuned and follow Ah Huat White Coffee for more! 


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