OMG! Malaysians’ Favourite Biscuit Brand Munchy’s Is Turning 30 This Year

Celebrate With Munchy's And Win A Nintendo Switch!

As Malaysians, we share the same love for plenty of things. Our love for badminton, street food, and also, snacking. Speaking of snacking, we’re sure most of us have snacked on Munchy’s biscuits before right? Did you know that Munchy’s is a homegrown brand that is celebrating its 30th Anniversary? Let’s find out more.


Munchy’s Celebrates 30th Anniversary With x30 Nintendo Switch

Malaysians’ must-have biscuit brand, Munchy’s, all started in 1991 in the small peaceful town of Johor. Now, Munchy’s is the No 1 biscuit brand in Malaysia. 

Munchy's OMG 30 Nintendo Switch

All along, Munchy’s has been sharing plenty of goodness with us. Goodness and happiness in each product like the Munchy’s Crackers, LEXUS, Oat Krunch, Muzic Wafer, and many more. Then, the sense of goodness in each moment is shared as Munchy’s brings people together through snacking. And finally, spreading the Munchy’s goodness from Malaysia to over 50 countries.

Munchy's OMunchy's OMG 30th Nintendo Switch

Now, let’s take a closer look at our favourite Munchy’s biscuits

1. Lexus

Munchy's OMG 30th Nintendo SwitchPhoto: (Instagram)

First up, we have the iconic Munchy’s Lexus that comes in a variety of both sweet and savoury flavours. Conveniently packaged, this is perfect to enjoy on the go.

2. Oat Krunch

Photo: (Instagram)

Next, Oat Krunch is another product well-loved by Malaysians. Healthy yet tasty, this biscuit lets you have it all.


3. Munchy’s Crackers

Photo: (Instagram)

Munchy’s Crackers is all about convenience! It comes in a perfect dip size to enjoy with your favourite beverage, in easy packs and best of all, there’s also butter or chocolate cream filling if you feel like taking the flavours up a notch.

4. Munchy’s Crackers Plus

Photo: (Instagram)


For a healthy boost, you need to try Munchy’s Crackers Plus which consists of 10 nutrients including multivitamins and minerals.

5. Muzic

Photo: (Instagram)

What’s creamy, crunchy, tasty and will make you feel the music in your mouth? That’s right, it’s none other than MUZIC that we’re all familiar with. Creamy fillings sandwiched between crispy wafer layers, it’ll make you go yum yum yum.


Munchy's 30th AnniversaryPhoto: @Angie Tangerine (Facebook)

While providing all kinds of goodness ever since it was first established, Oh Munchy’s Goodness, they’ve officially turned 30! To commemorate this milestone, you can even win x30 Nintendo Switch! Let’s save the words and get on to it!

Munchy's 30th AnniversaryPhoto: @Azwar Syuhada (Facebook)

Munchy’s OMG 30th lets you Scan, Play and Win x30 Nintendo Switch. YES! You can be one of the 30 lucky winners to win a Nintendo Switch. You only need a Facebook account to play the simple game. For every game played, you will be rewarded with a score and the best part is you have unlimited chances to play the game! So, the more you play, the more chances you’ll get to win a Nintendo Switch.

Munchy's OMG 30 Nintendo Switch

Hurry, Join In The Fun Now!

There will be winners selected every Sunday from this week until 31st October 2021. So hurry! Join in the fun now!

Click here to find out more.

Shop for your favourite Munchy’s products here: Shopee | Lazmall 

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