MYDIN Returns With Bazaar Ready To Eat From 13th April – 12th May 2021

Hello Foodies! With Ramadan now underway yet again, Muslims across the entirety of Malaysia operates on nothing but discipline and determination for the whole day. MYDIN is making another comeback on Hyper Bazaar Ready To Eat across outlets in Malaysia. Hence, if you’re looking for a Ramadan bazaar in Malaysia, MYDIN got you covered!


MYDIN Bazaar Ready To Eat With Over 200 Menus

MYDIN Bazaar RTE has held quite a number of events back then and the last one was in 2019. A successful response from all the visitors has led this onto another comeback where it’s returning on the 1st Ramadan (13th April 2021) and will be held for 30 days straight until the 12th of May 2021 at 27 MYDIN hypermarkets outlets across Malaysia.

When it comes to festive holidays, MYDIN has always been one of the top brands to prepare the biggest sales, especially for Ramadan & Hari Raya. While it may be different this year, there is nothing that can stop us from bringing the festive vibes. With over 200 menus, the Ready To Eat bazaar giving you the same vibe as Bazaar Ramadan. The good thing is it’s focused on one place, so there’s no need to mingling around to find your craving iftar food. On top of that, it will be opened starting at 3 PM every day.



Broadly known to many for its eye-catching discounts, a diverse collection of Kuih Raya & Kurma also will be featured at the Hyper Bazaar. You can expect nothing but the best at this bazaar. Indulge in the selection of Kuih Raya from Semperit, Pineapple Tart, Dahlia and more! Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the wide variety of dates from the middle east at affordable prices!


Location: MYDIN across Malaysia

Date: 13th April – 12th May 2021

Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Links: WebsiteFacebook

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit MYDIN this Ramadan! For the safety of everyone, don’t forget to always follow the SOP when you’re on the ground sale. See you there!

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