The NEW Guinness Draught In A Can Has Landed in Malaysia! Here’s What You Need To Know About The Plastic Ball Inside The Can

Love the creamy and smooth aftertaste of the freshly tapped glass of Guinness that you get at the bar? Well good news mate, because your favourite Guinness Draught now comes in a can! Enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your home and uncover the mind-blowing technology behind the plastic ball in the can. 


The NEW Guinness Draught In A Can Has A Plastic Ball Inside That Makes It As Smooth As Freshly Poured Beer

Ever wondered why freshly tapped Guinness tastes so creamy and smooth? Well, the secret behind it is “nitrogenisation.” It’s a process where nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide are diffused into the beer upon pouring the draught out from the tap. And you guessed it right, it’s almost impossible to replicate the taste and process with any canned beers, except for Guinness Draught in a Can with its mind-blowing “plastic ball” technology! 

“Wait, plastic ball in a can?!” Not just any plastic ball, but the revolutionary Guinness widget! The nitrogen-filled ball with a tiny hole is added during the beer canning process. Just before the can is sealed, a small shot of liquid nitrogen is added to the beer. Don’t worry, it will evaporate during the rest of the canning process and pressurizes the can.

Here’s where science kicks in. As pressure increases in the can, beer is slowly forced into the ball through the hole, compressing the nitrogen inside the ball. Once you pull the ring, the pressure within immediately drops, and the compressed liquid quickly escapes from the ball through the tiny hole. The friction causes the carbon dioxide in the beer to form tiny bubbles and when bound together with nitrogen, it creates this smooth and creamy texture.

Bring The Pub Home With Guinness Draught In A Can:

A round of applause please for Guinness! Lots of thought and science are put into this “plastic ball” so you can enjoy the same Guinness Draught that you love at the bar, out of the bar, at any time and anywhere. No wonder that Guinness is one of Malaysia’s favourite stouts! Who could resist a cold, smooth and creamy Guinness?

Guinness Draught in a Can requires no shaking at all! Just pull the ring and enjoy the smooth and creamy stout. 


Psst, don’t worry about swallowing the plastic ball as it is the size of a mini ping pong ball, and is big enough to not go through the mouth of the can! 

Where To Get Guinness Draught In A Can:


They’re available for purchase at selected 7-Eleven outlets, premium grocers across Peninsular Malaysia, and online via drinkies.myBuddies, what are you waiting for? Try out the new Guinness Draught in a Can today!

*For non-Muslims, aged 21+ above only. If you drink, don’t drive.

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