NEW: Here’s Why You Should Try Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng For Gourmet Instant Noodles At Home

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Hello, foodies! Do you enjoy eating instant noodles? While we are already asking you questions, here’s another: do you also enjoy eating pasta? If you answered yes to both – you are in for a splendid meal because we have found the perfect match! Calling all noodle lovers: Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng is going to be your new favourite instant (pasta) noodle! Their new Italian twist on our local favourite elevates regular instant noodles to become a gourmet meal at home.


Try The New Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng For An Italian Twist On Our Malaysian Favourite

Here’s a fun fact: Aglio Olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish from Naples, Italy. Usually cooked with just olive oil and garlic, Aglio Olio is fragrant and a classic pasta dish. Ever wondered what it would taste like with regular instant noodles? Don’t anticipate it any further – you must-try Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng with their new, Aglio Olio instant noodle flavour that’s delicious, we bet.

If you prefer tomato-based pasta sauces, fret not because they’ve also got it in Bolognese flavour! Originating from Imola, near Bologna, this pasta dish is also another traditional Italian favourite. Made with fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs, their new Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Bolognese is going to be any kid’s (or adults) comfort food!

Here’s How To Cook Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio & Bolognese

As simple as four or five steps, you can cook up delicious Italian-style Mi Goreng in a heartbeat to fix your Italian food cravings at home. Looking for something different from your usual instant noodle go-to? You should definitely try Vit’s! We bet that anyone can cook up these two Italian favourites for an instant gourmet meal at home.

Quick, Easy & Delicious Italian-style Local Meals At Home


Every once in awhile, we all want to fill our tummies with a packet of good ol’ instant noodles. And now, we can even have an Italian twist on our local favourites. Plus, Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng has no preservatives and no artificial colouring! With reasonable prices and 5-star hotel restaurant recipes, you bet that these Italian-style instant noodles will be your new favourite! Give them a go and let us know how you like them in the comments!

Ever heard of Bolognese and Aglio Olio Mi Goreng? Now you can grab the first and only Malaysia’s Italian Series Instant Noodles from @vits_malaysia. Products are only available online at the moment. #vitsitalianmigoreng #vitsnoodles


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