New: Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto Is Now Available In FamilyMart!

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With its slogan “family is your home”, FamilyMart really is like a home. You can find all the things you need. Of course, we Malaysians are always crazy about their food, especially their Oden and soft-serve! One month ago, the FamilyMart just brought in the New Zealand Most-Loved Tip Top Ice Cream. Today, FamilyMart have another round of sweet news: Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto Is Now Available In FamilyMart!


FamilyMart: An Insta-worthy Sofuto!

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We are so excited to announce that the Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto is now available in FamilyMart Malaysia! What’s so good about the sofuto? More than just Instagrammable, the latest flavour is made with Mediterranean Sea Salt and 100% natural colouring from Spirulina extract. The perfect balance of salty and sweet will surely make you craving for more!

Must-Try: Mediterranean Sea Salt Soft Serve Ice cream

Hopefully, they will open more outlets in Malaysia so that every foodie will be able to try this tantalizing soft-serve and other great food there as well! So, are you excited to try this brand new Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto from FamilyMart? Or, are you going to stick to the classic one? Let us know in the comments!

Check out FamilyMart’s Facebook and Website for more information.

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