10 Yummy Deals From Only RM9.90 Across Malaysia You Can’t Afford To Miss

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Any meals and beverages below RM10 are not easy to find these days but it’s not impossible because we found them! These 10 restaurants on GrabFood are offering affordable options at RM9.90 only or even below! Save this post now because we compiled the list of items ranging from RM7.90 to RM13.90 you can find on Grabfood for you to save more while enjoying these yummy treats. Best part? No promo code or voucher is required, period. 


Check out the list below!

Enjoy Food & Beverages From As Low As RM9.90 At These 10 Spots In M’sia

1. Bask Bear Coffee

Bask Bear Coffee serves one of the best everyday coffees you can get to kickstart your day. Their house-special Aren® Signature Coffee is especially a must-get with distinctive unique taste made with Aren Palm Sugar. With their Aren Palm Sugar as sugar alternative, it’s a much healthier and guilt-free option while you get to satisfy your sweet tooth as well! 

Aren® Signature Coffee (RM10.90 → RM8.90)

2. Chun Yang Tea

From daily fresh brew tea leaves to freshly cooked pearls and toppings, Chun Yang Tea offers authentic Taiwanese handcrafted beverages with huge varieties, such as fresh milk teas and fresh fruit teas. If there’s one thing you must get from them, it’s definitely their Winter Melon Lemonade that’s bursting with refreshing flavours. 

Winter Melon Lemonade (RM11.90 → RM9.90)

3. San Francisco Coffee


Hot or cold, black or white, whipped cream or none, San Francisco Coffee is one of our go-to spots to get our caffeine needs fixed. Not sure what to get today? Consider the Caffe Americano that’s crisp, sweet, and refreshing! 

Caffe Americano (RM10.50 → RM7.90)

4. HWC Coffee


If you haven’t tried HWC Coffee, you’re missing out! This Taiwan-originated specialty coffee brand freshly landed in Malaysia just last year and it’s serving good coffee at an affordable price. Now with only RM9.90, you can enjoy a cup of their fragrant HWC Caffe Latte or Cappuccino. 

HWC Caffe Latte (RM11.90 → RM9.90)

Cappuccino (RM11.90 → RM9.90)


5. Chatime

You can always find a cup of classic bubble tea at Chatime to fix your sweet cravings. Whether it’s the all-time-favourite Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea or the signature Pearl Milk Tea, get them all on GrabFood with more affordable prices!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (RM9.90~RM14.90  RM7.90~RM12.90)

Pearl Milk Tea (RM6.90~RM10.07 → RM5.90~RM7.90)

6. The Chicken Rice Shop

Steamed, roasted, honey barbecued or soy sauce chicken, we can’t say no to these delicious signature dishes at The Chicken Rice Shop. One thing we like to get as a side is their Nyonya Pai Tee that’s filled with goodness, it’s now only RM9.90 on Grab! 

Nyonya Pai Tee (6 pcs) (RM11.70~RM11.98 → RM9.90)

Soy Sauce Chicken (Single Combo Meal) (RM12.17~RM12.22 → RM10.90) 

Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Noodles (RM14.62~RM14.72 → RM12.90)

7. Secret Recipe

We will always be curious about what’s the secret recipe behind Secret Recipe. Although Secret Recipe is most known for their delicious cakes, their main course menu is as interesting too! From Malaysian classic dishes like satay and noodle soup, to western classics like grilled chicken and pasta, there’s surely something that will lure you to place an order! Psst, Chicken Satay is only RM9.90 now~

Chicken Satay (6 pcs) (RM10.94~RM11.98 → RM9.90)

Ipoh Hor Fun (RM15.62~RM17.22 → RM13.90)

8. Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken is always a good treat for fried chicken lovers. Crispy fried chicken skin and tender chicken meat both in Original and Spicy flavour are lip-smackingly satisfying. Their sides are nothing less either! From Honey-Butter Biscuits, Nuggets, Tenders and more, check out deals from RM9.90 on GrabFood!

8 Pieces Nuggets (RM11.79 → RM9.90)

Tex Wrap (RM12.73~RM13.40 → RM10.90)

4 Pieces Tenders (RM14.91 → RM12.90)

9. Burger King

grab deals

Burger King serves mouthwatering burgers made with juicy patties and fresh ingredients that we all love. But their yummy bites we reckon cheese lovers should try today is the cheesy Mozzarella Cheese Stick and Nuggets with Nacho Cheese. 

Mozzarella Cheese Stick Large (RM11.23~RM14.06 → RM9.90)

9pcs Nuggets w/ Nacho Cheese (RM13.68~RM15.57 → RM11.90)

Whopper Jr Medium Value Meal (RM15.09~RM16.89 → RM13.90)

10. Marrybrown

This home-grown fast food chain will always have a place in our heart, and stomach. Serving all-time-favourite crispy juicy chicken, rice delicacies, wraps and even finger snacks, Marrybrown can easily satisfy your random cravings. Craving for a hot bowl of Bubur Ayam MB? You can now get it in Combo that comes with a drink at RM9.90 only!

Bubur Ayam MB ® – Combo (RM11.60~RM12.30 → RM9.90)

2 pcs of MB Crispy Chicken (RM12.55~RM14.10 → RM10.90)

Nasi Lemak MB ® – Combo (RM15.00~RM16.60 → RM13.90)

11. Nandos

We are glad to have Nandos on this list because Nandos’ signature PERi-PERi series is just hard to resist. Good news is the Large PERi-PERi Chips is only RM9.90 now and you know where to get it!

PERi-PERi Chips (Large) (RM11.23~RM11.90 → RM9.90)

PERi-PERi Soup with Garlic Bread (RM14.06~RM14.90 → RM11.90)

Grab Your Meals & Beverages From RM9.90 Now

Whether it’s a main meal, snacks or a cup of energy-boosting beverage for your day, hop onto GrabFood to enjoy meals and beverages from as low as RM9.90. These treats are not limited to an area only but it’s available across Malaysia! Wait no more and check out this limited-time promo on GrabFood before it ends! 

*No promo code is required. For selected restaurants only, not valid for Self Pick-up orders. Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy, foodies~

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