Shihlin’s Latest Sensation- Mala Popcorn Chicken (Limited Time Only!)

From rich and silky bubble milk tea to gooey, bonito-laced Oyster Mee Sua, Taiwanese street food has surely made its mark on the world food scene. Their night markets, lurid and busily looming double-decker motorbike lanes, are the representation of Taiwan’s charms and comfort food epitome, showcasing the truest crescendo of flavours & textures of their Taiwanese street snacks.

Photo by Taichung Travel Net

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks- this aptly named fast food joint surely lived up to its name. Specialising in street-food style, guilty-pleasure grub, Shihlin undeniably crowns the best fast-food joint delivering the best Taiwanese street snacks in town.

Shihlin Just Introduced Their All-New Mala Popcorn Chicken

Photo by Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

This October, they’ve stepped up their game by adding in the all-new Mala Popcorn Chicken to their snacks menu! And guess what, all Taiwanese food lovers are all getting cray cray about it!

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks have always been the one-stop place for such tasty chicken, Taiwanese style (of course). This time, they’re really bringing their chicken snacks up a notch. For their Mala Popcorn Chicken, they opt to use chicken thigh, flattened out and coasted in a crispy golden crumb, flavoured with an aromatic powder of Mala flavour.

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Photo by @stephyyiwen

Their Mala Popcorn Chicken is practically flawless- with all that crispy skin and juicy, tender meat without being overly fatty underneath, you could tell that it is perfectly medium-rare. In fact, the mala seasoning was just right and has aided in giving that extra kick.

Photo by @micnienie
Photo by @stephyyiwen

Try pairing it with Shihlin’s exclusive Alkaline Water, to douse off all that burning sensation. You’ve been warned, this is surely not for the faint-hearted.

Try Shihlin’s Mala Popcorn Chicken Today

Try their Mala Popcorn Chicken today! They’ll be available at all Singapore & Malaysia outlets for a limited time only! Trust us, they’re incredibly pleasurable and will be a snack you’ll keep returning to!


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