Shiok Kitchen: This New Eatery In Seri Kembangan Has All Your Comfort Food

All your guilty pleasures gathered in one spot!

Everyone craves their favourite comfort food every once in awhile, or maybe every single day. What if we told you that there’s a one-stop for all comfort food in Seri Kembangan? Well, believe it or not, it’s true! Shiok Kitchen – a new eatery in Seri Kembangan is bringing you good ol’ comfort food that will leave you wanting more.


Shiok Kitchen In Seri Kembangan Serves All-Time Favourites

Photo: Shiok Kitchen is great for gatherings of family and friends.

If you find that Shiok Kitchen is sounds a little familiar. You ain’t wrong. Shiok Kitchen is part of Shiok Kopitiam in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong! Now, people in the area don’t have to travel out of the way for heart-warming comfort food.

Smack right in the middle of hawker stalls and dated shop lots, newly opened Shiok Kitchen clearly stands out from the rest. With their tagline “Your Neighbourhood Cafe”, they cater to the neighbouring residents with their fusion Western food and local favourites.

We won’t deny, the entire restaurant oozes nostalgia – bringing us back to all the days when our parents brought us out for celebratory Western food dinners. Now let us get right into the most important agenda here – the FOOD!

Local Delights That Will Warm Your Heart

With a menu as extensive as 15 pages, we would have taken an eternity to decide what we wanted to eat. But fret not, here are a couple recommended signature dishes that you could order the next time you’re here!

Photo: @KL Foodie

Shiok Mee Mamak Goreng

Photo: Shiok Mee Mamak Goreng

Out of everything else, we gave their Shiok Mee Mamak Goreng a go first. A plate of freshly fried mamak noodles is perfect on any given day. It’s cooked to perfection with generous portions of fish cake, chicken meat and vegetables, topped off with crunchy fried garlic. Flavorful in every  bite with a bit of tanginess from the lime.

Price: RM 9.90

Nasi Lemak Special

Photo: Nasi Lemak Special

Next up, their Nasi Lemak Special is also a big hit among patrons. A standard set of nasi lemak comes with a piece of tender fried chicken. There are other variations of nasi lemak, like Nasi Lemak Rendang or Sambal Udang, you can choose from too! The nasi lemak comes with a generous amount of sambal. Their sambal is on the sweeter side but still packs a punch.

Price: RM 11.90


Curry Laksa

Photo: Curry Laksa

Nothing beats comfort like a steaming hot bowl of curry noodles. You can find huge pieces of chicken meat, beans sprout, long beans, fish balls and tofu puffs in a single serving of their specialty dish. Beside thats, you can also opt for mee, kueh teow or mee hoon noodles. The broth is rich and fragrant, making every slurp a delicious one!

Price: RM 9.90

White Coffee & Hong Kong Milk Tea

Photo: Both the White Coffee and Hong Kong Milk Tea are home-brewed

Now, you don’t have to drive up to Ipoh for White Coffee anymore, just head on over to Shiok Kitchen to enjoy a cuppa. Their wonderful array of drinks helms from local favourites to refreshing concoctions designed by themselves. The White Coffee is smooth and kaw enough for coffee lovers to enjoy it.


Price: RM 3.90

Fusion Western Food Perfect For Family Gatherings

Now onto the western portion of the menu, their menu has over 10 different variations of chicken chop to offer. From fried to grilled, from mild sauces to spicy ones – they literally have something for everyone. Besides that, they have a wide array of pastas as well as side dishes!

Aussie Chicken Chop w/ Lemon Plum Sauce

Photo: Aussie Chicken Chop w/ Lemon Plum Sauce.

We tried out their Grilled Chicken Chop drizzled in their homemade zesty lemon plum sauce. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too sour but it was rather on the sweeter side. The chicken chop was well cooked with the meat being juicy and tender. It is then paired with a side of coleslaw and thick fries.


Price: RM 18.90

Fried Seafood Pasta

Photo: Fried Seafood Tom Yam Pasta

Shiok Kitchen offers an incredible variety of pasta dishes, from the usual Spaghetti Bolognese to fusion Curry Spaghetti. Out of everything, we tested out their Fried Seafood Pasta instead. Huge slices of fresh fish, prawns, mussels and squid were drenched in tomato-based sauce. Spaghetti vermicelli is used instead – creating yumminess in every slurp.

Price: RM 18.90

There’s Always Space For Desserts

Photo: Shiok Lava Cake and Banana Boat

We scream for ice cream! Their selection of desserts are mostly accommodated for kids, with ice cream desserts and waffles being the main traction here. How could we have left without trying their desserts?

Although their desserts may not be homemade but they are still pretty good. And nothing screams comfort than a boat load of ice cream. We’re pretty sure they’re one of the few restaurants that still serves Banana Boat! The Shiok Lava Cake was such a guilty pleasure as well, perfectly balanced with a vanilla ice cream.

To Round It All Up

Photo: @KL Foodie

If you’re in Seri Kembangan and in dire need of comfort food or just any guilty pleasures, Shiok Kitchen is perfect for you! Not only that, their super extensive menu is all the more reason you need to visit this place ASAP. Do try out their Shiok Mee Mamak Goreng and chicken chops. Apart from the above featured dishes, they also offer vegetarian options as well. Huge portion sizes with affordable prices? Yasss!

Shiok Kitchen

Operation hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Daily).

Address: 37, Jalan SR 7/7 Plaza Serdang Raya, Taman Serdang Raya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Contact: 03-9549 9886

Status: Muslim-friendly

Links: Facebook | Website

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