JUST IN: We Tried Spicy Twister McShaker Fries From McDonald’s And It’s Even Better Than Regular Fries

Prosperity season is upon us!

Hello, foodies! If you didn’t already know, McDonald’s Malaysia brought back their McShaker Fries in September and we’ve been gobbling it down ever since. Well it’s midway through December now and, we have great news for you! McDonald’s Malaysia introduces Spicy Twister McShaker and it is available from 16 December 2019 onwards!


Upgrade To Spicy Twister McShaker For RM2.50 Only At All McDonald’s Outlets

Life just got a whole lot better now that we can have Twister McShaker Fries! McDonald’s Twister Fries are seasonal and it’s only released nearing the Chinese New Year celebrations every year. They taste so good that all of us look forward to it every year. Plus, don’t we all love the Prosperity Burger!? We know you do!

Spicy Twister McShaker Launches Today And Here’s What We Think

Photo: KL Foodie

If there’s one thing better than Spicy McShaker Fries, it would be…Spicy Twister McShaker Fries, of course! We’ve reached the peak of 2019 because you can now eat your Prosperity Burger with Spicy Twister McShaker Fries with an upgrade for RM2.50 only!

Photo: KL Foodie

We think that the Twister Fries are just as good as regular fries but with the Spicy McShaker powder, it’s a whole new world for your palate. Sure, some of us still prefer the regular shoestring fries from McDonald’s but you should definitely try the McShaker powder with Twister Fries instead!

Here’s How To Enjoy The New Spicy Twister McShaker Fries From McDonald’s

Photo: KL Foodie

The first step is to head over to McDonald’s and buy their Spicy Twister McShaker Fries, of course. Or, if you’re feeling really hungry, opt for their Prosperity Burger Set Meal instead and upgrade to Spicy Twister McShaker to try it! Then, add your Twister Fries into the McShaker paper bag.

Photo: KL Foodie

Next, add in the Spicy McShaker powder into the paper bag. Make sure you pour all the spicy powder on your Twister Fries to enjoy it to the fullest! Then, crunch or fold the paper bag to give it a good shake! Shake away and shake hard so that all your fries gets coated with the delicious spicy powder! And after that, enjoy!

Photo: KL Foodie


Spicy Twister McShaker Fries 

  • Upgrade to Spicy Twister McShaker Fries for RM2.50 only
  • Available for a limited time only
  • Available at all McDonald’s Malaysia outlets nationwide

What are you waiting for? It’s almost lunchtime and this is the perfect way to have a delicious afternoon meal. The new year calls for change, and it’s high time you try something new like Spicy Twister McShaker Fries and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Have a great day! Adios for now!


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