Starbucks’ Color Changing Reusable Tumbler Is Now Available At All Outlets Nationwide


Hello hello there foodies! Good Monday ahead to all of you guys! If you’re still looking for some motivation to get through the week, we have something colourful up our sleeves that will guarantee to colour up your week. Ready? Starbucks’ color changing tumbler is now available in Malaysia!


Starbucks’ Color Changing Tumblers Are Here In Malaysia

These colourful tumblers were first introduced in USA, Canada and then in Singapore but now, it’s finally our turn! Yippee! So, in brief, these Starbucks’ color changing tumbler does exactly like its name; it changes colour when you pour your cold beverage into it. The result is a B-E-A-utiful ombre-like tumbler that you can have on the go. Surely, it will lighten up your day right?

Starbucks Colour Changing Tumblers Malaysia
Photo: @heiimaaron (Instagram)

In addition to that, here are more details about these tumblers aside from their thermochromic element. They are reusable and they’re a perfect fit for Starbucks’ Venti, 24oz drinks.

Starbucks Colour Changing Tumblers Malaysia
Photo: @StarbucksMalaysia (Facebook)

Also, they come in 5 colours and we’ve listed out the colours in brief here:

  • Rose: light pink to coral red
  • Citron: bright yellow to an emerald green
  • Sky: light, powder blue to cobalt blue
  • Apricot: light orange to a deeper, tangerine orange
  • Arctic: teal blue to a raspberry pink
Starbucks Colour Changing Tumblers Malaysia
Photo: @jastip_wow (Instagram)

When these stunning tumblers were released in USA, Canada and also Singapore, the Internet blew up and everyone wanted one for themselves too. Well, this is no doubt since they are really cool; can you imagine enjoying your favourite Starbucks’ drink in one of these beauties? And the best part is definitely watching them change colour right in front of your eyes.

Starbucks Colour Changing Tumblers Malaysia
Photo: @mysteryoki (Instagram)

These colour changing tumblers are now available at all Starbucks outlets nationwide so what are you guys waiting for? Get one for yourselves today because sometimes, all we need are some colours to brighten up our lives.

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