Get Your Sunbather Coffee Home Café Kit For The Ultimate Café Experience At Home

For All Your Café Food Cravings

Hello, foodies! Do you miss café hopping and going out for Sunday brunch? Because if you do, we totally understand and we’re here to offer you a super yummy solution. Here’s how you can have your café food fix right at home with – Sunbather Coffee Home Café Kit. If you’re not in the mood to go out, fret not, because they are bringing the café experience to your homes with these delicious meals and refreshing drinks!


The Complete Home Café Experience With Delicious Meals & Treats From Sunbather Coffee

If you have ever been to Sunbather Coffee at The Sphere, you’d know of their Japanese-inspired food and cosy space. If you haven’t tried their food, here’s your chance! What if we told you that you can have all of their delicious food in the comfort of your own home for the ultimate home café experience – are you ready? Introducing their Home Café Kit, it’s café food made easy with pre-packed meals that you just need to reheat and even do-it-yourself meals if you feel like cooking!

Sunbather Coffee Home Café Kit: Elixirs, Pre-Packed Meals, DIY Meals & Little Cakes

Their home café kit is perfect for creating delicious meals and even tastier drinks. The coolest thing about this kit is their Elixirs (potent specialty coffee and tea) that’ll help you make café-worthy drinks! The kit also includes four pre-packed meals, two do-it-yourself meals, some pound cakes, and madeleines. A seasoned café hopper would know that their meal wouldn’t be complete without some yummy brews. Plus point: Their entire kit comes ready with instructions to help you make some appetising meals and drinks! First off – making refreshing drinks with their Elixir!

Make Café-Worthy Drinks Using Their Elixir & Enjoy It With Some Cakes

Don’t ever worry about not being able to achieve café-style drinks at home because they have the perfect solution for you: Sunbather Elixirs. Their Elixirs include; Ice Drip Coffee, Hojicha, Earl Grey, and Matcha. Now, you can make café-worthy latte at home. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make your own café drink! All you need is: ice, milk (or water), Elixir and enjoy! Also, do check out their Instagram page here for other creative recipes using these Elixirs!

It is 4pm, and you’re looking for something to do or something to eat. Well, whip up a café drink of your choice using one of their Elixirs and pair them with some of their delectable cakes or madeleines. The kit also comes with Japanese Lemon Cake and some madeleines that’ll make it a lovely afternoon snack.


Here’s How To Cook Their Pre-Packed Meals

Beef Ragu Sauce

Calling all pasta lovers because this meal is super easy to prepare and almost takes no time at all. Instructions: (1) Boil one portion of pasta, (2) Reheat sauce, (3) Add some cheese and voilá – delicious Beef Ragu Pasta!


Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Feeling too hungry to cook? Don’t worry, because their Sous Vide Chicken Breast is already cooked. This sous vide cooking method creates juicy and tender chicken meat that is perfect for those looking to eat healthy, even at home. However you choose to eat it, it’ll be super quick to prep and super yum.

Japanese Beef Kuro Curry


Is beef your go-to protein? If you answered, yes – this meal is perfect for you! Their Japanese Beef Kuro Curry is super mouth-watering. Kuro – in Japanese, means black curry and if you haven’t tried, now you really should! Here’s what you need to do: (1) Reheat curry, (2) Toast some bread or (3) Boil some rice. And, there you have it, café-style lunch!

Japanese Chicken Curry

Known for their Japanese-inspired dishes, their Japanese Chicken Curry is possibly the most heart-warming dish of the lot. Tender chicken, soft potatoes and carrots; we dare say that this meal is best eaten with fragrant white rice for the ultimate Japanese curry food fix. Om nom nom!

Here’s How To Prep & Cook Their Do-It-Yourself Meals

Chicken Hambagu

Hambagu is perhaps, a fancy name for what they like to call, Japanese hamburg steak. All thanks to the chefs at Sunbather Coffee, all you really need to do is the fun bit – shape your meat patties and give them a good sear. Their Chicken Hambagu is packed with flavours so you don’t need to add much salt or pepper. Don’t forget to enjoy their Hambagu with some sides of your choice: vegetables, rice, anything you like!

Beef Hambagu

Much like their chicken version, the Beef Hambagu is perfect for hamburger-and-steak lovers because it’s flavourful and really enjoyable. Shaped like a hamburger and eaten like a steak, this DIY meal is super easy to cook. Plus, it also comes with tasty curry sauce that adds a depth of flavour to your juicy beef patty. Yum!

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands (& Appetite) On Their Home Café Kit

The #sunbatherhomecafe is their effort to bring the elements of a café within the comfort of your own home in light of what is the new normal. You can now make your favourite drinks or cook up your most-missed meals from Sunbather Coffee with this home café kit. To order, WhatsApp this number (+6018 229 9986) or, via this order link. Don’t wait any further, order it now to satisfy all your café food cravings! Bye for now, and stay safe!

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