Take A Virtual Tour To One Of Your Favourite Cities With “Fortunes in Hong Kong” This CNY

Without a doubt, Chinese New Year celebrations will be totally different than the ones we’ve had. As we continue to have travelling withdrawals, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying a bit of overseas culture right at home. Now you can enjoy a virtual tour to all the famous landmarks in the heart of Hong Kong that brings on a full CNY mood to all of you at home! Also don’t miss out on their “Fortunes In Hong Kong”, where you can get feng shui tips and play games and even send beautiful CNY e-cards!


Take A Virtual Trip To The Heart Of All CNY Celebrations

1. Man Mo Temple 

The Man Mo Temple is a picturesque tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). Built between 1847 and 1862, it remains the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. It was given Grade 1 status as a historic building in 1994 and was officially declared a monument in 2010. Pausing for a moment’s respite under its giant hanging incense coils provides a pleasant contrast with the hectic pace of the nearby financial district. The complex also includes Lit Shing Kung, created for the worship of all heavenly gods, and Kung Sor, just west of the temple, which was an important assembly hall, where community affairs and disputes were often discussed and settled.

2. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong’s Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is home to three religions — Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism — and pays tribute to famous monk Wong Tai Sin. Featuring five geomantic elements, the temple is as much a scenic attraction as it is an important religious centre.

This year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the third day of Chinese New Year. Those who are single can pray to the God of Love to help find their true love. After they make an offering to the god, there is an elaborate ritual, whereby they curl their fingers around a red string and tie the string next to the statue of the gender in which they are interested, symbolizing a matchmaking request to the God of Love.

3. Che Kung Temple

Che Kung Temple is dedicated to Che Kung, a Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279) military commander, who was particularly skilled in putting down uprisings in the 13th century. He escorted the last Song emperors to Hong Kong as they fled the Mongolian invaders. People in Sha Tin dedicated a temple to him about 300 years ago to stop the spread of a local epidemic. According to local lore, the disease vanished the day the temple was completed. Visitors today will encounter a giant statue of Che Kung.

4. Upper Lascar Row

The highlight of Upper Lascar Row is a seemingly endless row of antique stores, offering an eclectic collection of Chinese calligraphy, art and vintage furniture. This runs parallel to stalls that sell an array of bric-a-brac collectibles, such as Mao Zedong alarm clocks and Bruce Lee posters. In recent years, local designer boutiques and vintage clothing stores have popped up nearby, attracting more locals, as well as visitors.


5. Flower Market

Whether you’re interested in roses, tangerine trees or bamboo, the Flower Market in Mong Kok has something for everyone. Known as Hong Kong’s premier destination for any type of horticultural interest, the Flower Market is open all year round and is especially crowded leading up to Chinese New Year, when many Hong Kong people pay a visit to buy auspicious plants.

6. Creative Online Market


Although there will be no physical events because of the Covid-19 situation, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is turning the CNY celebrations up a notch by infusing the cherished traditions with online, innovative elements to send festive blessings in a whole new fashion. A three-week “Fortunes in Hong Kong” CNY campaign will be held in an online+offline format from 8 to 26 February, featuring a creative online market, which offers CNY delicacies and specialties, along with plentiful contents, including games, lucky feng shui tips and festive e-cards, to allow participants to feel the festive vibe across boundaries.

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