Enjoy Traditional Stone Grinded Tau Fu Fah Desserts And Handmade Taro Balls At This New Dessert Spot

If you love delicious and healthy soybean desserts, check out Bean Jr! They offer a variety of fresh soybean desserts – tau fu fah, shaved ice, parfaits, drinks and more – with soybeans grinded using a traditional stone method. This technique helps produce a richer and smoother product, while keeping the nutritious benefits of these beans.


Bean Jr Cold Tau Fu Fah Is As Silky As The Hot One

Instead of making cold tau fu fah the common way by cooling down hot ones, they use a secret recipe to make the cold tau fu fah. This helps retain the soft and silky texture, similar to what you would get with the hot one! In addition, all their taro balls are handmade with no added preservatives and colouring.


1. Treasure Mountain – Tau Fu Fah (RM12.80)

Starting off this list, is none other than their hot tau fu fah dessert called Treasure Mountain. This wholesome dessert comes with silky tau fu fah topped with longan water, dried longan, red dates, peachgum, taro ball, matcha ball and sweet potato ball. Add RM1 if you prefer a cold version!

2. Power Rangers – Tau Fu Fah (RM10.80)

Boba lovers will like this one! The Power Rangers includes a smooth bed of tau fu fah, topped with 5 colour taro balls and chewy black pearls. It is served with a side of soy milk and your chosen sugar: white, brown or ginger!

3. Soy Into You – Soy Milk Shaved Ice (RM13.80)

The Soy Into You is perfect for those that crave a melt-in-your-mouth soya milk flavoured shaved ice. This cooling dessert comes with honey yam, sweet potato balls and cendol, topped with a large amount of grass jelly!

4. Mango Heaven & Honey Dewy Tau Fu Fah – Bean Jr. Signature

If you want fresh fruits to go along with your tau fu fah, try out the Bean Jr. Signature series! The Mango Heaven (RM16.80) comes with mango, sago and pamelo; while the Honey Dewey (RM15.80) features honeydew and sago.


5. Mini Taro Balls Soy Bean Drink (RM8.80)

Not only can you get regular boba pearls with your soy bean drink, you can also get handmade Mini Taro Balls!


6. Strawberry Waffle (RM8.80)

Bean Jr also serves other dessert favourites such as their crispy waffles. Choose from chocolate banana, gula melacca, homemade kaya butter, oreo, or in this case strawberry waffles!


Free Membership And RM10 Credits After First Order

For a limited time only, get a free membership and 100 credit points (RM10) after your first purchase. The points can be redeemed at any outlet in exchange for dessert items.

Bean Jr Is The Ultimate Spot For Soybean Desserts

This cozy place is perfect for anyone looking to quench their cravings for soy bean. They have an outlet in Kepong Laman Rimbunan, and another new one opening soon this July, located in Sri Petaling. From tau fu fah to soy bean shaved ice and drinks – there is surely something for everyone to enjoy.

Bean Jr 豆仃仔

First Branch: 117, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1, Laman Rimbunan (Same row as Kepong Public Bank)

New Branch: 3, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Hours: 12PM – 11PM (Daily)

Contact: 03-6242 4836

Status: Pork-Free

Link(s): Facebook, Instagram

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